Krista & Colin's multicultural punk island elopement

Islands views, backgrounds and cultures, WWII history, and their sweet dog named Thor — these are things that make this couple tick. And since both had very different kinds of weddings before, this one only going to be about their love and the meanings behind it. Cue the Scottish island elopement with ink, a mohawk, and lots of ceremonial traditions.


Ebony & Alex's Mancunian retro sci-fi wedding

This little registry office wedding in Manchester is chock full of cute references to how the pair met (Twitter!) and their sci-fi favorites. Plus, it's totally a testament to the bride's DIY skills — she made her own short and vintage-inspired dress! Here's the game: find their Thunder Cats reference, Transformers detail, her something blue, and their invitation envelope quote, and you win!


Rosie & Kerry's fantastical fairytale costume wedding

You guys, this wedding has got what you need: handmade Victorian garb, lolita bridesmaid dresses, a magician who performs a Punch and Judy show, and tons of costumes, including one Dobby the house elf! These theatrical folks know how to party, fantastic fairytale-style! Plus, this bride has some sage advice about taking on a lot of DIY projects.


Donny & Chris' booze and drag queens North London wedding crawl

This pair challenged all the rules and focused on the things that really matter: booze and drag queens, bitches! And of course, their sweet vows, lovely venues, and a kick-ass time with loved ones. Oh, and they also have some rad advice for getting a deal on a horse and carriage… you won't believe what they worked around!


Louise & Adam's gothic fairytale wedding

It all started with a birthday card featuring purple and white dragons… and led to the gothic splendor that is this richly-hued fairytale wedding. There's a little bit for geeks, a little bit for film buffs, and a whole lot for those in the mood for romance. And when you see the details of the rich purple taffeta custom-made dress, you'll swoon.