Roz & Pete's humanists loving doughnuts and Prince wedding

This couple loves Krispy Kremes, books, vintage cameras, and each other. Do you want to be their BFFs yet? They had two ceremonies (one being of the humanist persuasion), an epic candy buffet, and dress-up costumes for the reception resulting in much hilariousness. The coincidental ceremony mishap is pretty funny too.


Keren & Sean's nerdy self-guided WWII tour of France honeymoon

My now husband and I started dating after a long conversation about our shared love of history, specifically WWII history. Yes, we are history nerds. We decided to delay our honeymoon so that it overlapped with the anniversary of the DDay landing. We ended up flying to Europe in May 2010, seven months after our wedding.


Robots and ivy at this pagan handfasting wedding

These two love robots, so they included lots of robot-y references in their Pagan handfasting. Sounds like a perfect combination to me. Add in the custom-made purple silk gown and ivy headband and you'll get sucked in. Plus, they had a choreographed first dance which looked like a hoot and a half.


Lucy & Dan's vintage vegan Buddhist wedding

This couple collected vintage plates and tablecloths to adorn a sweet little village hall, did a whole lot of DIY, and created a really cool earthy feel. Add in their Buddhist ceremony, vegan reception, and "Who's Who" board (with baby photos of everyone!), and it's a personalized party with panache.


Helen & Julian's English country garden wedding

Lots and lots of pink, a country church and school, and an English country guest house… all planned from across the world in Dubai. But these two are English at heart and brought the party to the family. Feast your eyes on the Union Jack shoes, pink accents, and sword cake cutting, too!


Clare & John's colourful informal mega-DIYed wedding

DIYing some details is one thing, but this couple self-catered, had all DIY decor, and the bride made and embroidered her own gown. Plus, the groom actually composed and recorded the ceremony music himself! Add in their multicolored theme with the goal of an informal food and games afternoon, and you're in for a treat.


Olivia & Lawson's Old Town Prague wedding that almost wasn't

You'd think that eloping would make things less stressful. But when airlines cancel two flights due to a giant snowstorm, getting to Prague isn't exactly the easier option. But this couple persevered, didn't kill each other, and met their family at their favorite destination, Czech Republic, for the elopement of their dreams.