Taking off the makeup to reveal this gorgeously simple couples' shoot

Andy and Justin won this gorgeously simple couples' shoot from their photographer and we couldn't dig it harder. Despite the fact that Andy (aka one of Cheltenham's premier drag artistes, Pandora La Roux) spends much of his time wearing a wig, a dress, and five inches of makeup, this shoot was simply about love and gorgeous scenery. Sometimes less is more when it comes to showing the lurve. Let's peek in the window at the romantic side of this pair…


Grab a tissue: this LGBT Disneyland engagement with a story needs it

Ohana Photographers' David got to shoot the Disneyland engagement session of his own daughter, April, and her partner Mariah. This is awesome and magical in itself, but he also wrote a pretty rad manifesto about it here. I couldn't stop myself from stealing two little excerpts for you guys to enjoy, too. So read, grab a tissue, and then get to enjoying the sweet Disney-fied engagement of these two ladies.


Two-toned purple hair + this epic dress + dog = giving us life

We were so taken by this two-toned purple hair, lovely lace-topped dress, groom in Chucks, and their plush toy-channeling pooch, that we just couldn't look away. Hashtag engagement shoot goals. Claudia and Mike chose this field in San Dimas, California after Mike proposed on a hot air balloon! Let's take a look at how it went down…

This animal mask engagement shoot in Denver brings out our wild side

Stephanie and Justin were inspired to rock a killer animal mask engagement shoot, inspired by the masks of Wintercroft Masks. They ultimately chose a fox and a bear mask, which turned out to be an awesome choice. Justin made the masks out of cereal boxes, tape, and paint and they looked phenomenal.

They and their killer photographer, Green Blossom PhotographyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, chose to wander around an art district in Denver where one-of-a-kind murals are everywhere. Try not to be inspired to find your own inner animal at your engagement session, too!