Say aww! So much adorbs at this Los Angeles wedding with spice jar cake toppers and a flowery dog of honor

Patty and Ryan said their I do's this past October in Los Angeles, and I'm telling you, the elegant cuteness abounds. First of all, the world needs more dogs-of-honor in flower wreaths, I'm just positive. Then there's the miniature tiki hut for cards and well wishes. And how can you forget the spice jars? The couple used spice jars as cake toppers — his last name is McCormick, and the couple selected an Asian spice as a nod to Patty's heritage.


Let's drool over 21 offbeat wedding pups

Offbeat brides and grooms lurrvvv their canine companions. We've featured weddings with pooches as ringbearers and groomsmen, wedding invitations and programs, even cakes and table numbers. Of course, you're welcome to dig through our doggie archives (please do! You'll come back feeling awesome, promise). But we figured you might enjoy the convenience of some of our sweetest puppies in one place. After all, who doesn't need some cute lil bulldog bum in their day? (Pst. You'll have to scroll to the end for that one.)


Heather & John's secular, no-vow, Alaskan mountaintop wedding

Look, let me just say in advance: we put a lot of puppy shots into this wedding. It couldn't be resisted. It just happened and now you have to live with it. You're welcome. But really, the views in this wedding alone make it a must-see. Oh, and the flower girl dresses. And the rainbow cakes. Oh yeah, and the sweet father/daughter dance to Green Day. Oh and yeah, the most adorable puppers ever to crash a ceremony. Don't take my word for it: go look!


Julie & Tim's garden party family and friends wedding

Gathering family from many locations can be stressful, but these two celebrated their 15-year romance with their nearest and dearest and made it look easy. They rocked a choreographed mother-daughter-sister dance and a "first performance" instead of a first dance. But a cameo from a carboard pooch proved the funniest moment of all.


From proposal to reception, this wedding's all about whiskey

Bonfires and whiskey are where it's at for Kate and Greg. In fact, the couple had been sitting at a bonfire to celebrate her birthday when she decided to ask him to marry her. According to photographer Erica Camille, Kate remembers it like this: "When Greg pointed out that I was supposed to get down on a knee and give him something," Kate said, "I knelt down and offered up the rest of the bourbon in my mug."