You can SO afford videography with WeddingMix (and a choose-your-own-adventure giveaway!)

Take a guess at one of the most common regrets we hear about from couples. If you guessed not getting any video footage, you'd be correct. And we also know that videography can be expensive. In comes photo and video sourcing app wunderkind, WeddingMix. We're going to talk about what they can bring to your wedding media AND a pretty spectacular giveaway that you and your crew will want to get in on.


Theresa & David's Sonoma County artists' farm wedding

We don't even know where to start with this explosion of awesome, so let's just gush: metal rocket ships, plastic reindeer, vintage arcade games and a jukebox, wine barrels, vintage furniture, antlers, succulents… all DIYed to blissful, farm-raised local perfection.
This couple and their friends are artists and IT SHOWS. The metal ceremony arch the groom made will knock you out, too. Oh, and wait until you hear the coincidence with the sweetheart table chairs!


Liz & Marc's traveling fall circus wedding

Let's see here: we've got a circus theme with a dog dressed as a lion, "boot-in-ears," a bearded lady, a carousel horse guestbook, a midway full of games, a flash mob ceremony, an after-party with a ball pit, and a footie pajama football brunch the next day. If you can even process all that awesome, you'll need to make even more room in your brain for the first dance surprise. Hint: a marching band was involved!


Charlie & Quinten's barefoot faux-forest indoor picnic wedding

Tons of handmade pillows, hay bales, leaves, and picnic blankets — it must be an outdoor wedding, right? Nope! But it may as well be. Due to some wet weather, these two brought the outdoors in for a green and brown faux-forest wedding. Even the flower girl and ring bearer got in on the theme action. Chalk up some bare feet, some lovely poetry, and a big ol' party, and you're ready for forest-y fun indoors.


Emily & Kyle's autumnal handcrafted wedding

I love when crafty folks work their magic on the wedding — handmade jewelry and rings, lino-block printed invitations, handmade bridesmaid dresses… we boggle at the talent! And in this case, it allowed them to have more guests with a smaller budget. Plus, you don't want to miss how flippin' gorgeous these two are with their ink and vintage-styled fashion! I suspect many staff cat-fights over who gets to be in the sandwich with these two.


4 new ways WeddingMix just made your wedding video even better

Ah, WeddingMix by Storymix Media — remember them? The fun and affordable wedding video alternative? If you aren't familiar, here's the deal: If you want a super-fun way for everyone to capture and share your entire wedding story with an amazing edited video to show for it at the end, then WeddingMix is your jam. We've talked about them many times before, but now they're back with a bunch of new updates that took them from "awesome" to "fucking rad."