Googly eye shoes hack keeps all eyes on your shoes (and all eyes on your guests!)

So you want to quirk the crap out of your shoes somehow? Make them stand out and draw the eye? Nothing draws the eye (and tickles the funny bone) quite like googly eyes, right? Let your shoe freak flag fly with a pair of google eye shoes. Here's how to easily DIY your own pair of google eye shoes to keep all eyes on your shoes (and all eyes on your guests!)…


The most wonderful & weirdest shoes I saw on Etsy this week

Some weeks are so full of WTF that I decide I can't do a shoe post about a specific shoe type… I just want to do a post that's ALL weird shoes ALL THE TIME. The loudest, most brazen, outrageous wonderfully weird footwear ever. That's this week. That's this post. That's what I'm doing today. Put on your shades and come this way.