Embrace the rainbow at a DIY English wedding

If you're into rainbow weddings, you've gotta check out Simon and Petra's color-infused, rainbow-central, DIY love fest. They got married in the registry office of Andover, UK, before they partied at a local community center. Check out the monochromatic bouquets (which Petra totally made herself), be in awe of her own red-and-white brooch bouquet, and — oh my WOW — Petra's nails. Those tiny lil hearts took three hours to paint!


Make these "marriage can be messy" napkin rings

Tribesmaid Sinfulpixie is an artist who's obsessed with Disney Since, and her fiancé is a Geography major. They decided to combine their interests into a wedding theme of "Geographically Drawn Together." Check out their cleverly DIYed napkin rings that read "Marriage Can Be Messy" in the that fantastic Disney font!


Float down a river of Alaskan wedded love

Fairbanks, Alaska represents with this rustic wedding in Pioneer Park last July. Nick and Kalee kept things simple — the groomsmen wore T-shirts, and the bride went barefoot — but who needs tons of details in a setting as lovely as this? The couple got married under the pines on a beautifully overcast day, accompanied by accordion music and standing atop a river raft that Nick built just for the occasion.