How to get a wedding photography discount for just being YOU

They say that things that sound too good to be true, usually are. But this is Offbeat Bride, where we do away with "the usual." In the case of our sponsor Justine Johnson, her deals are just as good as they sound… You either have the chance to have a completely free, completely amazing wedding photographer, just for being your completely awesome selves. Just for being you doing "you."

Here's how you can get Justine to shoot your wedding for either free, or deeply discounted…

Three reasons why YOU are Atlanta-based photographer YouAreRaven's wedding planning magical creatures

You may already know Atlanta-based photographer Raven Shutley of YouAreRaven as the best photographer for the camera-shy or for the nerdy and laid-back. We're ALL of these things, so we already knew Raven was our girl and such a dreamy match for offbeat couples. Now we're going to ask her a few questions about why she LOVES you guys and why that makes her totally able to snag the best photos of your offbeat wedding.


Fall into the rabbit hole with Darling Marcelle's stunning wedding headpieces

I spend WAY too much time down the headpiece/flower crown/birdcage veil rabbit hole than any non-engaged person should, so I don't know how you guys get anything done. This is especially true since Darling Marcelle exists to keep us knee-deep in fabulous wedding headpiece dreams. Think colorful florals mixed with a black birdcage, feather-topped fingertip veils, vintage-inspired flower crowns, and gold-dinosaur-topped fascinators. All of your wedding headpiece dreams are about to come true.


Corsets, pirates, and pike arches: 4 details at a Renaissance fest wedding that you won't see at any other

You guys know I love me some Renaissance faires. Partnering with one of our longtime faves, Waxahachie, Texas' Scarborough Renaissance Festival, makes me swoon for all the Renaissance weddings that we'll see in the future. We're talking corsets, pirates, period music, pike arches, and the most epic and adventure-inspiring venue ever. Let's talk about what you'll get that you won't see at other weddings when you have a Renaissance fest wedding…