Lust-worthy (and specially discounted!) custom wedding corsetry from Starkers

Whether you want black lace, polka dot, red silk, or a sexy ivory one-of-a-kind wedding ensemble, Starkers works with you to create a look that is unique to your vision, and fits perfectly. They have a variety of bridal fabrics as well as many historical and modern designs to draw from to suit your needs. And, after collecting over fifteen measurements, each corset is constructed using steel boning and couture techniques with hours of sculpting to ensure a proper, comfortable fit. You can either do in-person fittings at their Toronto studio, or Starkers provide distance fittings, using a cotton mock up.


How Matt Druin went from disgruntled groom to wedding photographer (and started offering FREE wedding packages!)

Atlanta-based Matt Druin is on a mission to make sure that your photos tell your personal story beautifully, and that you end up loving his easy-going and straight-forward style. Best of all? Matt doesn't charge travel fees anywhere in the continental US. If you're digging his style (and how could you not be?), you can book him for your wedding no matter where you are in the US. Let's see what makes Matt the right photographer for you and how you can snag a FREE wedding photography package.


Your wedding details could get you FREE & discounted wedding photography

Are you having a wedding in Austin, Hawaii, or Jackson Hole, Wyoming? What about Disneyland or Disney World? Are you renting a bouncy house or hot air balloon? Organizing a flash mob? Will your wedding be rainbow-themed, Halloween or carnival-themed? If your wedding fits into any of those categories and OMGSOMANYMORE, then you can get an awesome discount from Justine Johnson Photography.

Keep reading to find out how you could even get Justine to shoot your wedding for FREE!