Antlers and top hats and dinosaurs, oh my! A natural history museum wedding

Suzy and Arin's October wedding evoked spooky glam, thanks to the delightfully macabre interior of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Vultures and skeletons and dinosaurs really do cast the best shadows in marble halls. A prop-making friend crafted a Hocus Pocus-themed guestbook for the occasion, and tiny Day of the Dead figurines graced the reception tables.


Sparkly things to go on your body (and not shoes, for a change!)

We interrupt this never-ending stream of shoe posts for a brief dip into the pool of sparkly things to wear on other parts of your body. Can I do this? Can I talk about affordable, semi-vintage-styled jewelry for a moment? I'm going to peek through Modcloth's new wedding section to pick out a few of my favorites from their very tastefully curated collection. Y'all know me, though… my tastes don't always run toward what most people would consider "tasteful," so I've got other options for y'all, too… because you know, some of us are sparkly necklace people, and some of us are having dinosaur weddings.


Jenna & Scott's dinos, Dorothy, and DeLoreans oh my! wedding

Dinos, Dorothy, and DeLoreans?! Yep, we've got an awesome natural history museum full of dinosaurs, ruby red Dorothy slippers, and Back to the Future in their trivia game. OH, and don't let me forget the EPIC DeLorean cake! It will make your '80s-loving day. Plus, you'll love how they chose their wedding date. Spoiler: it was to make one of them right!