How Matt Druin went from disgruntled groom to wedding photographer (and started offering FREE wedding packages!)

Atlanta-based Matt Druin is on a mission to make sure that your photos tell your personal story beautifully, and that you end up loving his easy-going and straight-forward style. Best of all? Matt doesn't charge travel fees anywhere in the continental US. If you're digging his style (and how could you not be?), you can book him for your wedding no matter where you are in the US. Let's see what makes Matt the right photographer for you and how you can snag a FREE wedding photography package.


Just a bride and groom taking a helicopter to their mountaintop wedding in Alaska

Does it count as eloping if you get married where you work?

If you work somewhere as BADASS as Nate does every winter, then hell yes! He and Jessie had a frickin' mountaintop wedding near Cordova, Alaska last April. They were only dropped off on the snowy, sunlit summit by a helicopter.

They celebrated with a round of drinks with the helicopter crew, had a super cute wedding dinner (with champagne poured by a plaid-wearing server — nice), and tore up a tiny Alaskan cafe for their first dance.


7 modern wedding guest etiquette questions (+ bonus advice for couples!)

A couple months ago, I was interviewed for an article on Refinery29 about modern wedding guest etiquette. While the article used several of my quotes, I figured I'd share my ALL my answers for seven wedding guest etiquette issues, because who knows! Maybe you're trying to figure out how to decline being a bridesmaid, or whether you should dress less weird at someone's wedding.

Plus, I've got two bonus etiquette issues for engaged couples at the end. Advice for all!