Flying dresses: how to transport your wedding dress via land or air

We recently received this critical question about how to transport your wedding dress to a destination wedding, in this case, to Las Vegas: ">I am wondering about tips to get my dress and my partner's suit to Vegas safely. We are going to a Tough Mudder event and have a fair amount of gear as it is. Any help would be amazing!" Here's how we'd handle it in a few different scenarios.


See Vader kiss a stormtrooper at this Star Wars beach wedding

Years ago, Joey met Kiara in Hong Kong, they're currently living in New York, and they decided to say their vows in the Florida Keys last June. Whew! These world travelers wanted to keep things pretty simple… you know, a classic dress, a great suit, just a casual destination wedding in sunny weather. But you can't keep offbeat down, and Joey and Kiara sneaked some geek into their classy elopement with a Star Wars beach wedding!


Sword fights and hot booty: Don't miss Ashley & Erik's Caribbean pirate wedding

You guys, we know a good pirate wedding when we see one, and this one brings the house down with its Caribbean locale, amazingly detailed costumes, ACTUAL SWORD FIGHT at the ceremony, super well-crafted pirate-themed decor (including treasure chests), cardboard cut-outs, fire spinners, drunken video guest book, pirate-themed scavenger hunt, and my favorite father/daughter walk down the aisle yet.