Moonrise Budapest Hotel Kingdom: A very Wes Anderson wedding

1960s-themed Moonrise Kingdom bridesmaids (with berets!), Fantastic Mr. Fox-inspired groom gear, a globe guest book, gorgeously French pastries, and so many Wes Anderson details to spot — this Wes Anderson wedding is miraculous. This four-day Labor Day weekend wedding even included rafting down the Rio Grande! You have to see this one.


Flying dresses: how to transport your wedding dress via land or air

We recently received this critical question about how to transport your wedding dress to a destination wedding, in this case, to Las Vegas: ">I am wondering about tips to get my dress and my partner's suit to Vegas safely. We are going to a Tough Mudder event and have a fair amount of gear as it is. Any help would be amazing!" Here's how we'd handle it in a few different scenarios.