This bride got married in the shirt she wore on her first date with her husband

I just really, really wanted you guys to see this outfit. When Jenny married Jake in Georgia last April, she paired a simple button-down shirt with a voluminous, white, ballgown skirt. And doesn't she look incredible? But, but, BUT — *dances with glee* — this is the shirt Jenny wore on her first date with Jake! IIIIIIIIIII KNOW. She topped it all off with a pearl necklace, a large bracelet, and some cute ankle boots. Well done, Jenny. Judging by the last couple photos here, you know you rocked this look.


Just letting the world see this awesome green tea-length wedding dress

What is it about red hair and green dresses that is just so delicious? When I saw Clare's emerald-green, tea-length wedding dress, I wanted to know aaaalll the details. She and Ian got married in Tunbridge Wells last February, and Clare rocked an ensemble custom made by Chrissie Nicholson-Wild from Curve Couture. She topped off the look with some family heirloom jewelry, a bolero from a Facebook group, and custom-made, sparkly high heels.

Where are my British brides at? Y'all might want to take a close look.


Bow at the throne of a rainbow-colored masquerade wedding

Photographer Liz Lui said that Cameron and Keith's Chicago wedding was inspired by novels such as The Once and Future King and Jim Henson's film Labyrinth. Combine those mystical items with the old-world glamour of Chicago's Alhambra Palace, and you can almost see the magic in the air. Cameron added to the theatrical flair with an incredible gown custom-designed by Branimira Ivanova, the costume designer of renowned Hubbard Street Dance. The lace, the collar, the skirt, the veil — there isn't an element of the dress that isn't mind-blowing.

I've saved my favorite details for last. Cameron's purple updo is everything I want in life, absolutely, BUT. How many grooms have YOU seen lately with a hot pink crew cut? And wearing a unicorn mask? You go, Keith. You go.


Allison & Chris' post-apocalyptic carnival 75 feet underground

First we've got midway games, fire performances, and balloon animals. Then there's an underground cold war museum bunker, Fallout-themed decor, and post-apocalyptic catering. It's a fusion of carnival and the apocalypse that we can totally get behind! That doesn't even cover the fabulously redesigned heirloom dress and 3D-printed rings. And just wait until you see what happened with the helicopter ring delivery.


A "short, round, and very busty" girl's guide to having a dress custom made

The idea of wedding dress shopping was something I had always found challenging. As someone who is short, round, and very busty, I hated the idea of being clamped into an off-the-peg sample dress four sizes too small. I looked at dresses aimed at curvier brides and saw that most of them were ugly, and seemed to be about hiding your body, not celebrating it. I knew any dress I bought in a bridal store would have to be massively modified to fit me. So instead of dealing with all that, I started thinking about having a dress made-to-measure.