Just the two of us: Erin & Caleb's intimate courthouse elopement

I have a soft spot for elopements anyway, but when one is written as beautifully as this one, you know it's going to catch me right in the feels. Get ready to experience some serious intimacy, serious love, and a seriously fun photo shoot in the Denver snow. These two crossed some major hurdles to get to this day and boy was it worth it.


Celebrate with this groom and his flower-loving, wheelchair-rocking bride

Let's talk about how lovely and glowy and stunning Kelly and Bart's Netherlands wedding is, shall we? First of all, there's the friggin light in their apartment while Kelly got ready for the day. Photographer Nadine van der Wielen said the weather alternated between stormy and sunny, and y'all know I love the light of a rainy wedding. Nadine also mentioned that Kelly has kind of a serious thing for flowers, which, will you notice the bedroom's wallpaper? Swoon. Flowers are everywhere here: in Kelly's hair, her fab bouquet, and being dumped by a flower girl (that last one's my favorite picture btw).


Let there be Doc Martens for all at this blended-family, city-hall wedding

This wedding was a long time in coming for Jace and Michael — they met on their school bus in 1997! And wow: do they look positively elated to be together or what? The couple celebrated their City Hall marriage with bow ties that matched each other's and Doc Martens that matched everyone else's. The iconic shoes are only a fraction of the familial togetherness that radiates in these photos: check out Jace painting a kid's nails, the family picnic after the ceremony (for which the couple showed off their cooking skills), and the most tender-hearted hugs I think I've ever seen.


An intimate Beverly Hills courthouse elopement featuring a whole lot of YELLOW

Cullie and Chris recently eloped at the Beverly Hills Courthouse with a celebration that placed a lot of emphasis on YELLOW and we're talking everything from the groom's tie to the bride's roses and carnations! Chris is a collector of graffiti art, and after the ceremony the couple wandered around West Hollywood to take photos against many of the area's fantastically-colored walls.


Anna & Charles' intimate vegan ice skating wedding

A wintry wedding in Paris with ice skating in the Grand Palais? Can you even stand it? Well, get ready for even more shivers and giggles when you hear how they started off their end-of-vows kiss, how the groom enthused about the joys of marriage (oh, and how he consented to being married!). There are origami cranes, gorgeous Parisian views, and the sweetest little couple ever.


A "getting legalled" wedding sequel at the San Francisco Pride Parade

You might remember Meghan and Anne's super fun log-cabin bagpipe-y wedding from a few years ago. And although they totally respected their wedding as, well, their wedding, they also wanted to take advantage of the benefits of getting legalled! So, right after the San Francisco Pride Parade in June, after they had finished playing with their bagpipe band, they headed over to City Hall to do the deed in all their parade finery.