This sweet electric blue wedding will make your teeth ache

Just look at that HUUUGGEE grin on Chris, will you? I love it when grooms show how over-the-moon they are on their wedding days. He and Priscilla said "I do" in California last August. All right, so Chris' grin is totally one of the reasons I was drawn to their photos. The other is this fantastic electric blue wedding they've got going on! It's everywhere, from Priscilla's shoes to their candy buffet (want that blue rock candy) to the bouquet wrapping.


Bringing the glam with tattoos, plugs, and purple hair at a backyard wedding

If there's one thing that makes our eyes light up at Offbeat Bride, it's deliciously colored hair. Jessica had this amazing dark purple flip going on for her October wedding to Robbie, and I could eat that color with a spoon. Robbie stepped up to the plate too with an impeccably trimmed beard (always a heart stopper) and gold ear tunnels. Mmm, but I think Jessica might have pulled ahead a bit in the style game with her 1920s-style lace wedding hat. Hats should be loads more common than they are — they look so damn cool.


Brittany & Thomas' garden wedding in Baton Rouge gives us all the feels

High school sweethearts on a thrifty budget, whimsical DIYed decor, a lovely outdoor ceremony in Baton Rouge, and a second line with sparklers — this wedding is love itself. Don't miss the romantic first dance, the gender-blind wedding party (with heart-shaped sunnies!), the ribbon ceremony backdrop, and golden dinosaur details.


A high-low dress at a rainy wedding keeps things sexy, not soggy

Sasha and Albert have known each other since high school. They live in New York City, their families live in New Jersey, and everyone traveled to Vermont for the couple's wedding last August. North Hero was a favorite vacation spot for Sasha and Albert, and it certainly doesn't look to me like they minded braving a chilly, rainy day at the lake! And how absolutely spot on is Sasha's dress for a tall bride on a drizzly day? Showing off the legs + not worrying about a soggy hem = winning!


Raise your lightsaber for Jennifer & Alex's Star Wars Extended Universe wedding

This wedding embraces all facets of the Star Wars universe: the movies, the comics, the lore, the music, and the ideal that everyone deserves to light up a lightsaber in your honor. It makes for pretty rad photos, too. Let's peek at the blend of Chinese and Jewish traditions, Imperial Knight groomsmen, braided-haired bridesmaids, and the truly epic fight scene performance at the reception.


A tropical backyard circus wedding from the aerialist minds of Gorgas & Jason

This ultra-DIYed, over-the-top fabulous wedding had marquee letters, midways games, and even handmade confetti. But the real stars of this show was the circus-inspired decor, the ADORABLE ceremony tears, cheers, and send-off, and the colored fairy-lit evening under the stars. Just be careful if you decide to show off some circus antics on the ground… you just may end up smooshed on it.