Janeria & Dwayne's Halloween pop-up wedding in Brooklyn

This couple rocked a gorgeous arch in Brooklyn for their customized pop-up ceremony and then transformed into Jack Skellington and Sally for their Halloween-themed reception! Excited yet? Don't miss the DIYed spooky decor, the gorgeous white jacket on the bride, and the amazingly delicious-looking Halloween-themed dessert table.


Glitz and glam: a peacock wedding in the Mile High City

Whoa, you guys. This is a rich color palette we're dealing with here. The glittery tablecloths, the yellow napkins, the purple EVERYWHERE, the hints of orange, the FEATHERS… Kerry and Kevin created a fantastically glitzy peacock wedding, and I am salivating.

I mean, you have got to see the cake! Sign me up for a slice of that gorgeousness, please and thank you.


Helenia & Jerry's "Enchantment Under the Sea" Back to the Future wedding

Remember the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance from Back to the Future? This wedding totally captures the spirit of that with the sea-themed decor, light-up shoes, OUTATIME license plate, and Back to the Future cake topper and centerpieces. It's a wedding straight out of time. Don't miss the cookie favors, rock wish ceremony, and awesome photo booth blow-up props.