Everything you need for a rad confetti bar

We've talked about lots of rice tossing alternatives like flowers, lavender, seeds, lanterns, and sparklers, but sometimes you just want to see a giant display of good ol' confetti. Having a confetti bar with scoopable confetti and favor bags is an awesome way to let your guests take a little favor and make sure they have the means to shower you with their symbolic love.


Screw rice — get showered in petals and glitter

So you want to be showered in tiny celebratory somethings when you say "I do." Well, some venues don't allow rice. And soap bubbles don't stick in hair and fall down cleavage, which, if we're honest, is really half the fun of confetti-like things. What's a festively weddinged couple to do? Flower petals! GLITTER. Ben and Tamasin asked their friends to bombard them with a mixture of both at their Australia campground wedding. Create your own floral sparkle shower or, you know, hit up some of our other confetti-esque ideas. We've got lots.