Exchange shoes instead of rings

"Best commitment-ceremony-that-wasn't-really-a-ceremony ever!": A commitment ceremony where this one couple exchanged shoes instead of rings.


Magically elegant commitment ceremony for two Georgia brides

I love it when brides complement their wedding-day looks with each other and still do their own subtle thing. Belinda and Danielle exchanged vows in a gorgeous commitment ceremony in Georgia last April, and they've both got this ethereal glamour going on that just makes my heart jump.

I mean, it's a little formal (though one of them is sneaking around in sparkly silver high-tops underneath! LOVE) with the calla lilies and the tall vases and the romantic candle light everywhere. Everything is white and glass and crystals, even their elegant commitment art is white and lacy.


The end of marriage as we know it, or: Why I won't be making it legal

We do not currently live together, we have three cats between us, only one of us (me) has US citizenship, oh and she doesn't fly… During those many anxious months, we were often asked if we'd get married so that she could immigrate. Every time it came up I had such vehemently negative response. I recognize that at some point I may have to sign papers, because the state has a nasty way of making itself necessary. But I'd prefer not to and I plan to avoid it if at all possible, and here's why…


What are my options when it comes to non-legal commitment ceremonies?

There are many reasons that commited people don't get legally married — from not being allowed to by law, to just not being comfortable with the concept. We don't give a shit why you don't want to make it legal, we just love the fact that you want to celebrate your commitment to to one another. So here are some ways you can throw a non-wedding party…