The end of marriage as we know it, or: Why I won't be making it legal

We do not currently live together, we have three cats between us, only one of us (me) has US citizenship, oh and she doesn't fly… During those many anxious months, we were often asked if we'd get married so that she could immigrate. Every time it came up I had such vehemently negative response. I recognize that at some point I may have to sign papers, because the state has a nasty way of making itself necessary. But I'd prefer not to and I plan to avoid it if at all possible, and here's why…


What are my options when it comes to non-legal commitment ceremonies?

There are many reasons that commited people don't get legally married — from not being allowed to by law, to just not being comfortable with the concept. We don't give a shit why you don't want to make it legal, we just love the fact that you want to celebrate your commitment to to one another. So here are some ways you can throw a non-wedding party…


Wedding Ceremony 101: Crafting your own wedding ceremonies from scratch

Jessie Blum is a New Jersey celebrant who specializes in crafting wedding ceremonies for nontraditional couples. She's also a longtime Offbeat Bride sponsor, and a WEALTH of knowledge for those of you wanting to craft your own wedding ceremony. With tips on how to welcome everyone, incorporate unity ceremonies, and why you should never have readings come one right after the other…


One-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies & handfastings from WorldTree Community

From Scottish and Irish handfastings, to both religious and non-denominational ceremonies, Vancouver Island-based sponsor WorldTree Community will help you craft and perform the perfect wedding ceremony for you and your partner. The WorldTree Community has been preforming custom-written ceremonies for over thirty years in western Canada and central Utah, so it's clear they've got some great marrying people mojo. But more than their mojo, WorldTree has a few other key reasons that make them a slam dunk for offbeat couples. Keep reading to find out…


Meet NYC Celebrant Emily King

Meet New York celebrant Emily King! Her wedding celebrant duties have taken her from summer camps in the Catskills to Chinese restaurants on the Lower East Side, to the Equestrian…..


Making it legal

Those of you who have read the book will remember Ben & Joriel. They had a wedding on March 20, 2005, but opted not to get legally married because of…..