A Deadpool groom?! Wins most bad-ass award of the day

Kiara and Elliott fully owned their epic superhero-themed wedding complete with Deadpool groom. It was loveliness meets kick-ass-ness. Yes, that's a word! Between the bride's gorgeous gown and the groom's gorgeous… mask, it was a sight to see for any Deadpool fan. Don't miss the cameos from Spider-Man, Colossus (in a suit!), and more. Oh, and the Deadpool tie… classic.

Wedding planning takes graphic novel form with Lucy Knisley's "Something New!"

Do you love graphic novels? Do you love (or are trying to love) weddings? Behold an awesome combo: Something New, is a charming and relatable graphic memoir about planning the ultimate DIY wedding.

This is the perfect fun read for everyone who's planning a wedding and is "a little fascinated and also sort of horrified by it." Plus it also makes an awesome and most-unusual "yay you're getting married!" gift.


17 geeky wedding details that will make you want to marry your fandoms

Let's take a moment to geek out about weddings… No, like literally get geeky about weddings! We asked some of our favorite wedding photographers to share some of their favorite nerdy wedding details with us. OOOH boy, the combined awesomeness of this roundup is over nine thousand!!!! Put down your games, your cosplay crafts and your comics, and take a minutes to soak up all the nerdtastic details we've collected for you…