A new spin on "happy tears" ceremony hankies

Kim and Liz are adorable nerds who love themes, dancing, and making things themselves, including this "happy tears" ceremony hankies display. it's pretty much guaranteed that someone on your guest list is a wedding crier (that would be me), so having handkerchiefs on hand is a great way to keep everyone's making from free-flowing down their face.

We've seen hankie displays before, but I'm digging Kim and Liz's idea to display them in rustic chic chicken wire for easy grabbing and nose-honking. Plus they make great favors.

Love transcends time and space: an Interstellar wedding reading for your ceremony

Kate and Winston crafted up a secular ceremony at their Texas meets New York weddings and included a reading we had to share. It's a little snippet from the movie Interstellar that sums up what a lot of us feel about love: that it's all-encompassing and transcends all we know.

If you're looking for a reading for your space-themed wedding or ceremony with a nod to sci-fi, this Interstellar wedding reading is out of this world.