Cats and creatures errrrywhere at this woodland forest wedding

Lillian and Jon had a Somerville, MA wedding at the ultra gorgeous Fruitlands Museum for a rainy day wedding full of bliss. You are going to flip for the gelato station, donuts, faux woodland creatures everywhere, kitty flats, fern bouquet, kitty-themed save-the-dates, and even cardboard cat cut-outs for the photo booth! It's like this pair was channeling all of our loves in one wedding. Grab your kitties on your lap to share in the joy of this ailurophile meets woodland forest wedding.


See how a plush cat turned a wedding tradition into a super inclusive moment

Brittany and Taylor's goth history nerd wedding featured a pretty spectacular way to honor ALL of your friends during what's sometimes an awkward moment at the reception. Brittany's bouquet toss was for anyone, no matter what their marital status or future plans. Instead of tossing a bouquet (which in this case was a kick-ass SHELL bouquet!), Brittany decided to throw a plush cat. You'll want to see why.


Fellow ailurophiles: Add these cat wedding details to your list right MEOW

Cats may not be quite as good at ring bearing as dogs, but we love their curmudgeonly homebodiness just as much. MY PEOPLE! CAT PEOPLE! Hell, we know Offbeat Homies love them, so some of ya'll must be cat people, too. Let's check out how other couples have incorporated their fancy felines into their weddings and some seriously adorable cat wedding details you can include in your own wedding.


Amazing shoes from Charlotte Olympia that most of us can't afford (but all of us can enjoy!)

Generally when I do these shoe posts, I make a point to provide a range of pricing options, from $30 pleather flats that might start falling apart after one wear, all the way up to "Holy shit, those shoes cost more than my entire catering budget!" Last week, a reader wrote in to very specifically request a post about Charlotte Olympia's line of shoes. I took one look at had three responses…


How my dead cat helped me propose to my boyfriend

When Eric and I started dating I told him I didn't think much of marriage and I didn't know if I wanted to have kids. I felt like marriage ends in divorce about half the time, and kids infringe on your freedom. Why willingly subject yourself to that stuff? But seeing how much he was there for me during one of the harder times of my life made me trust him so completely. I began to think if he has this much patience and concern for a cat that isn't even his responsibility to take care of, imagine how dedicated and loving he will be to our family.