Craft beer and games at Sam & Tony's geeky carnival wedding

This cute pair may have encountered a little friction on their way to planning this kick-ass geek-meets-carnival wedding, but it certainly didn't put a damper on the fun. Check out the beer, pizza truck catering, symbolic color handfasting, carnival-style details, D20 kissing game, and funny ceremony ring snafu. Oh, and don't miss the sweet story about the father/daughter/grandfather dance!


Kelly & Jacob's retro carnival wedding

We've seen some amazing carnival weddings, but this one may be in contention for the most epic decor ever. We're talking popcorn, Cracker Jacks, pinwheels, faux flash tattoos, circus-themed centerpieces, a hot dog stand, a huge and gorgeous candy buffet, and a retro circus cage photo booth! It will make you want to hop on a ferris wheel and get hitched, vintage carnival-style.


This Colorado wedding is a Tim-Burton-flavored carnival

Mara and Josh went for a theme with a Tim Burton twist for their Colorado wedding last June and nailed it. Look for black and white stripes everywhere, splashes of pink where it counts (even in Mara's hair!), and tons of carnival details in every photo: Altoid tins turned circus trains? Guestbook attendants in a ticket booth? Stilt walkers in corsets? A steampunk officiant? CHAINSAW JUGGLERS?


Beards, black dresses, and ringleaders at this carnival-themed wedding

For Joanna and Chad, the carnival is where it's at. Definitely where their wedding was at. She's a hula hooper, he's a juggler, so this Florida couple tied the knot in an outdoor, circus-themed ceremony at Cafe de Vinci last October. Scroll down to see Joanna's awesome black dress with a great red crinoline, Chad's rockin' beard and hot red pants, a Ferris wheel cupcake stand, and an officiant dressed from head to toe in full-blown ringleader regalia.