Scientists and flasks abound at this science meets art wedding

Victoria and John crafted a "mad naturalist" science-theme with lots of nature and metallics. It was a total blend of science meets art. The octagon backdrop was made from copper pipe, and John made the himmeli ornaments. Victoria loves gardening, so she planted all the herb favors herself from seeds. She also made the wedding signs and wrote the place cards. They even featured wooden dinosaur models, John’s rock collection, and famous scientists as table names. It was a nerdy and chic extravaganza!


Be swept away by this vintage woodland wedding

The gorgeous venue, a 1865 as a stage coach stop, set the stage for this vintage woodland wedding. The vintage details, the gorgeous dress and shawl, the paper moon photo booth… this is one wedding on which you can feast your eyes. You'll LOVE how they all handled a blast of rain at the reception!


This pair knew eloping to Disneyland for Dapper Day was the magic idea

Steph and Shelby had watched a really beautiful elopement video a few years prior to getting engaged and had it in their heads since it was so intimate. When they actually got engaged, however, so many people were excited and asking about it that they completely froze on what to do. One day after a year or so into their engagement, Steph finally suggested eloping to Disneyland in California for Dapper Day. And it was set: a tiny ceremony and mini honeymoon in the most magical place on Earth.


Books, maracas, and the best hair ever: this colorful ranch wedding WINS

Brianne and German's had a seriously swoon-inducing wedding with touches of Disney and nods to the groom's Mexican heritage. Held at Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad, near San Diego, they rocked bold color (including the bride's FAB red hair), wild florals, vintage-style table decor, literature theme details, and perfect maraca favors for the best send-off sounds ever. This one is just eye candy all over the place and you don't want to miss it.


Lisa Frank would approve of this super fun colorful wedding

Jenn and David's first date had video games at an arcade and their second date was Disneyland. They embody "grown, but never grown up" and wanted their Bard Mansion wedding in California to be as colorful and full of childlike wonder as they are. Jenn has rocked purple hair for almost a decade, develops color cosmetics for a living, and still rocks Lisa Frank school supplies on the reg. Was this wedding colorful? Oh hell yes it was. Lisa Frank, The Lorax, and rainbows themselves have nothing on this super fun colorful wedding.