Two-toned purple hair + this epic dress + dog = giving us life

We were so taken by this two-toned purple hair, lovely lace-topped dress, groom in Chucks, and their plush toy-channeling pooch, that we just couldn't look away. Hashtag engagement shoot goals. Claudia and Mike chose this field in San Dimas, California after Mike proposed on a hot air balloon! Let's take a look at how it went down…

A magical Lands End wedding with Labyrinth walk and surprise leis

The week that Risa was to give birth to their daughter, Risa and Jeremy decided to explore Lands End and walk the labyrinth located on the cliffs. They took in the sights and talked about the next chapter of their lives, ultimately deciding that the Lands End Labyrinth would be perfect for a small wedding. They invited just their close family for their May Day wedding.


Get ready for the breathtaking handmade dress of all our dreams

The bride wanted a magical fairy realm of wonder and enchantment for her wedding and she killed it! The handmade iridescent blue gown (that she made herself!) is enough to instill awe in everyone, but it's the whole thing that takes the cake. The blue hair, the top hats, the fantasy details… take me away to the Goblin King! Don't miss how this bride worked with her chronic illness to DIY so much and even do a special dance with her groom.


You'll love these Bulgarian wedding influences and a yellow dress that slays

Anna and Kliment planned an amazing wedding with Bulgarian wedding influences (including a traditional outfit on the groom!). They rocked a few awesome elements: a special role for the oldest member of the guest list, a first kiss selfie, a bread and honey ceremony, props from Breakfast at Tiffany's, R2-D2, and a moon backdrop. They also had the Bulgarian tradition of predicting the future sex of their first born by kicking a can of water with a white and red carnation to see which color flew farther. Don't miss Anna's amazing yellow reception dress.