Emily & Aaron's monochromatic DIYed wedding

The bride lives in black, so her dress totally had to incorporate the color. Add in her blue hair (her "something blue"), gorgeous black and white veil, their classic ride, and a tear-y groom, and you've got this gorgeous Aussie wedding with DIY details. Just wait until you see the groom at the beginning of the ceremony. Oh, and wait until you see how a five-year engagement helped them overcome a challenge.


Leah & Jaime's Friday the 13th dance-fest wedding

A Friday the 13th wedding with a zombie-inspired ceremony, and skull details (including matching tattoos!) — this means a pretty rad and gothic wedding with tons of gorgeous touches. And wait until you get a load of their reception dance-fest details: an LED dance floor AND a must-see Dance Dance Revolution arcade setup, which led to a most excellent impromptu group dance to Grease songs!


Karly & Jack's vintage-inspired Alice in Wonderland wedding

Vintage book centerpieces, Alice in Wonderland details all over the joint, a vintage-style dress, and a butterfly cake (and bouquets!) make us salivate over the little things in this wedding. A drop-dead gorgeous venue sure didn't hurt, either. Plus, there are total lessons to be learned about having your partner help in planning and dealing with a venue coordinator. Look and learn!


Betsy & Josh's retro and rock theater wedding

A little Slayer, some Stray Cats, vintage-style fashion, and a 1942 Oldsmobile made this wedding a rock-lover's wet dream. But it wasn't all hard-edge and kicking ass. The couple's daughter made for some sweet photos and the dancing shots are grin-inducing. It's a mix of hard rock and lace in this vintage-inspired wedding in an art deco theater.


Christa & Dan's Whovian British invasion wedding

This couple's love of Doctor Who is written all over their wedding: cardboard Daleks and Cybermen, British music, centerpieces with various Doctors, and even a full-size Tardis, perfect for hilarious photo opportunities. They also had an impromptu thumb war during the ceremony. Plus, we can all learn from the bride's totally chill solution to forgetting her guest book.


Heather & Ian's goth with a splash of purple wedding

Purple gown, purple tie, purple button bouquets… the splashes of color in this goth wedding are fabulous. You're also going to love the sneaky science bits — the bride's necklace, the groom's boutonniere — and the seating chart will make you positively bug out! Plus, there's a photo of the newlyweds in a winding staircase that you have to see to believe.


Crystal & Denny's rockabilly red and turquoise wedding

If falling in love is like owning a dog, these two took the leash and ran with it. Their ceremony honored their love for each other and their beloved pets. Their rockabilly sensibilities, with a Hard Rock Cafe backdrop, made for a very musically-inspired event, complete with guestbook guitar and fab playlist. All that, and an amazing red dress — wait til you see what's under it!