Hop in your art car and head to this Burning Man wedding

Since photographer Stefanie Höpner knew a lot of people going to Burning Man last year, she decided to add to the tradition of gifting that's such a huge part of the event — by gifting her photography skills! She photographed Chris and Amanda as they said their vows in front of a shaman at the Temple of Grace, surrounded by their friends. The London/LA couple had first met at Burning Man last year, and they celebrated their gorgeous, sunset wedding with poems they'd written for each other.


Lacey & David's Mad Hatter garden tea party with an umbrella canopy

Finding inspiration from a Burning Man installation at one of their favorite places, Black Rock City, led to this visual spectacle: glowing umbrellas, fantastical Alice in Wonderland-inspired garb, and DIYed decor galore. Feast your eyes on the first whimsical ceremony, and then get ready for the ethereal second evening ceremony at Burning Man!


Can you handle a Burning Man wedding? Use this flow chart to find out…

We're having our wedding ceremony at Burning Man. At first I wrote out this really lengthy email, trying to explain what Burning Man is to a bunch of people who have no clue. It was a giant wall of text that got completely out of control (it's so hard to explain!). I knew I had to trim it down to the basics. Here is the Decision Flow Chart I made for our friends and family to determine if they want to/are able to come to our Burning Man wedding ceremony…


'Stina & Graham's DIY country ranch wedding

This pair tackled tons of DIY projects, battled some very inconsistent weather, and had to cater a party in the middle of the country. But you'd never know these were even challenges when you see the awesome Mexican catering, the cool ambiance (event producer groom FTW!), and the lovely weather. These photos give off one theme more than any other: FUN.


Psyche & Legend's colorful queer Burner campout wedding

This pair crafted an epic weekend-long celebration of their love with lots of color, lots of wet and cold camping, a eleven-year-old's rendition of "White Wedding," and even gift bags representing the 10 principles of Burning Man. Plus, you'll love the bride's totally apt choice of reading.