Wide-calf wedding boots

Let's browse some tall boots for wider calves! If you're looking for kinky boots for your athletic or plus-size calves, we're here for you. The good news is that there are plus size boots with calf fits of about 17"/43 cm to 21"/53 cm, depending on your shoe size. And if you don't fall within those sizes, there are custom-fit options, too. Despair no more and check out these wide calf riding styles, glam heels, studded leather, and slightly loud colors.


Greta & Erty's community-made Victorian-styled wedding weekend

You know those weddings where you just end up grinning like a damn fool because everyone just looks glowing with happiness and gratefulness and someone walks by and thinks you're watching something naughty? Yeah, well, this is that kind of wedding. Get ready to look very silly laughing and crying at adorable guitar-playing dads, top hat- (and ice cream-) wearing couples, inflatable horse and pool noodle jousts, giant Jenga, tear-jerking ceremony songs… and I can't even fit it all in here!


These boots are made for walking… down the aisle

For me today, they do. I look at a lot of wedding pictures, and I randomly get obsessed with certain accessories… today it's boots. Brides in boots! I love them. Y'all should know me by now: I like daring (aka LOUD!!) wedding shoes, and I've geeked out a full range of boots here… including some booties.


Rachel & Russ' queer bluegrass brunch wedding

Did someone say "gorgeous outdoor lawn games and square dancing wedding?" Yeah, I just knew you were thinking about it. Well get on board with this one: croquet, cigars, bow ties, and the couple handing out ice cream. Plus, you'll love the ceremony structure and big ol' singalong at the end. To what song, you ask? RING OF FIRE!


High-five a guest at this couple's distillery wedding in Seattle

Double the brides meant double the proposal stories for Kathryn and Jennifer's wedding last summer. Photographer Tracie Howe let us know that the couple met online (just before Kathryn closed her dating account!), proposed to each other, and got married at the Fremont Mischief Distillery. Apparently it was the distillery's first wedding — way to take the lead, ladies! Let me join your wedding guests in high fives all around.


Stomp your boots and holler for an Irish/Yankee/Texan wedding

Having been in the music business for more than 20 years, Chris and Carrie decided to play beautiful music together forever. They got married in a fantastic Irish/Yankee/Texas mashup of a wedding in Austin. The ceremony included a loving cup and a handfasting, both Irish traditions, and Chris wore a kilt. Carrie even had her dress designed to match her groom's kilt, with a wickedly unexpected peep of black trim.


Jessie & Benjamin's yogi + Deadhead dream mountain wedding

Oh, rural mountain views… you tease us with your splendor and ability to lure in gorgeous tiny weddings like this one. Cowboy boots, acoustic guitars, and carrot cake await you. The flowers, campfire, and sunny weather just taunt you. And we're all falling in love with these sage-wielding, poem reading yogis and Deadheads.