The family altar: a low-maintenance yet highly-sweet family wedding ceremony

The "family altar" is a good way to involve your family if they have a hard time playing nicely together… or you want to give everyone an opportunity to shine without micromanaging… or if there are not enough short poems to satisfy everyone who will feel disappointed if they do not get a chance to talk at your wedding.


Will you love this Potterphile wedding? Always.

She's a catch, he's a keeper. This Potterphile wedding will bring out the keeper in all of us. Just don't be a snitch about all the awesome details they nabbed from the books. Oh like the golden snitch cake pops, Honeyduke's-inspired dessert table, books + flowers centerpieces, "Always" cake, and huge book page send-off. Don't miss the blended vows with the groom's daughters and the secret shots after the ceremony!


This taco shop-turned-curiosity museum wedding will make you say "ooo shiny!"

The first thing that struck me about Virginia and Johnny's California wedding was her dress. That pink, filmy, floaty, poofy confection caught my "ooo shiny!" receptors. And then I noticed Johnny's fabulous beard and his super-suave gray and black suit, which caught some other "ooo shiny!" receptors. And then I got a good look at the wedding venue, and it was all over for me.