A Vegas destination elopement on a rooftop at twilight

Kendra and Spencer had a rooftop wedding at twilight in Downtown Vegas with neon light backdrop. So glamorous, so shiny! This Vegas destination elopement featured the bride's black and white gown, the groom's chic black suit, florals from Flora Pop (and their tear drop trailer!), and the Vegas sunset. Let's peek at how it all went down, including their first shared donut as a married couple.


This stunning and elegant goth wedding in a cave will charm all black hearts

Can you even get over how gorgeous this goth couple is? With a custom-made black wedding dress and veil, amazing thrones, a coffin ring box, bleeding candles, a HUGE and amazingly goth cake, and of course, a CAVE RECEPTION… we're sure this wedding will get your heart racing. Don't miss the Tim Burton-esque invitations, the lush red and black bouquet, and the hilariously charming sand ceremony gone rogue.


Our hearts are black and blue from this goth fantasy wedding

Royal blue and black details, a black dragon cake, the bride's corseted dream gown, and tons of steampunk, goth, and Victorian-inspired garb on the guests — it's a stunning goth fantasy wedding. Don't miss the heavy metal soundtrack ideas, the poetry readings, and the dark, dreamy, mysterious DIYed decor.


The first rule of this boxing match wedding: tell everyone!

Brisbane, Australia natives Christine and Kieron took a raucous route with their wedding by having a "Fight Night"-themed ceremony in a boxing ring. There was a whole lot of trash-talking, naughty jokes, and banter througout. The bout was officiated by Annie Grace Ceremonies and Dave Eller, Fight MC, and thankfully ended in a draw.


You'll swoon over how these ladies danced into their ceremony

Mary and Emily had been together for ten years waiting for gay marriage to be legalized. Three days after the ban was overturned, Mary called Emily's mom to ask for her hand in marriage. Her mom's response was, "Well, it's about time." Our favorite part was how they danced into the ceremony that ended with their guests forming a half circle around them. They then shared a dance before the ceremony started and another dance after.