Danielle & Andrew's 1920s-inspired tiny wedding

Just wait until you see this tiny wedding with some Velveteen Rabbit, a gorgeous black dress, a groom in a dapper top hat and coat, all with a cross-country, long distance plan. It may not have been their original intent, but we can't deny that it's a fabulous result. Don't miss the gothically delicious black feather and flower bouquet!


Will this bride and groom manage to stave off their undead wedding party?

Apparently Matt and Sheri throw an annual Halloween party of epic proportions. After checking out the photos of their Massachusetts wedding last year, I'm not inclined to challenge that. At least, not if I don't want to be eaten by an undead wedding party.

Matt and Sheri decreed that every wedding guest would arrive properly arrayed in costume, and photographer Jamie Ivins tells me he saw Rosie the Riveter, Queen Elizabeth, and a family of Smurfs. You can see for yourself that Elvis was the officiant.


20 black wedding dresses show you what macabre elegance looks like

White dresses are awesome. So are blue ones. And red. And green. But today, my friends, it's all about our Offbeat Brides who've rocked those smokin' hot black dresses. It's a shade that's totally appropriate year-round, but you know that a bride decked out in black makes for an extra sexy look this time of year. I've picked out 20 from our paaaaages-long archives (dude. No lie. Pages) just for you.


Lisa & Waide's South African farm wedding

We are loving the vintage-inspired DIY details, burlap decor and fabric flowers, and lovely farm venue at this South African wedding. But when you see the bride's multi-layered, multicolored dress, you'll feel right tingly in all the right ways. Add in some mini dinosaurs, fire dancing, and a really gorgeous grey cake, and you'll be on board just like us.


Abigail & Kevin's candlelit gothic wedding in the woods

Give us some sumptuous dark decor, a lush forest ceremony bathed in candlelight, and a super gorgeous gothic couple who totally know how to put an ensemble together. Add in a few D&D and wizard touches, and we're all on this geeky-gothic train. Plus, we love any family who is down for anything as long as there's cake.


The goth glam sizzles at this Washington barn wedding

Cannot believe that Nicole and Darin got married in May because this is spooky fall glam at its best. The couple got married at the Pickering Barn last year, bringing the goth style with panache. There's so much dark glamour to love here: Nicole's black dress, her fingerless lace gloves, that amazing short haircut. I also might have included rather a lot of portraits of Darin because I cannot get over his sizzlingly somber makeup. Have a photo of a groom applying his own eyeliner before his wedding. Go on, have two.


Murphy & Deagle's monochromatic video games wedding

Black and white stripes, a sexy pin-up dress, long black gloves, and a groom in red — this wedding is very enticing. Add in all of the video game references (including in the vows!), and you've got the best combination of gamer geeks and total hotties. Don't miss the Mario centerpieces and the bride's swanky top hat and Batman ring!


Brett & Matt's gothic clergy cemetery wedding

This wedding is the most amazing combination of gothic cemetery setting and reverent ceremony of two clergy members dressed in their loveliest vestments in a truly gorgeous church. You'll also love the mash-up of traditional hymns and Rise Against at the ceremony! Come check out the gothic splendor of this wedding.


Courtney & Carli's DIYed rustic barn wedding

Nestled in a barn, a wedding took place with loads of DIY projects, two brides in black and white, bibliophile details, and a feisty, bubble-loving pooch. They self-catered, self-decorated, and put their hearts and souls into this gorgeous venue. And just wait until you read about their realistic-meets-earthy ring ceremony!


Shiver with delight at a spooky wedding in the French Quarter

Say it with me. The French Quarter. Even the name of the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans has a mystical quality to it. Elisa and Ron turned up the mystery and the heat by several notches with their spookily glam wedding at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel last October. Of course Ron looks adorable as do all grooms with fabulous beards and suit vests and trainers. His bride is positively smoking in a black lace peplum dress, spiked heels, and tattoos simply everywhere.