Designate a special cup for the bride (and other things I learned on Insta this week)

How's this for a clever wedding idea to steal: If you designate a special cup (like this R2D2 cup!) for the bride, you can use it to signal to the wedding bartender that if they see someone cutting in line with it… that person is getting wine for the bride! Thanks to @claraganeyphotography and Darci Kim for the great concept.

Now, here are a few other things I learned from Offbeat Bride's Instagram this week…


DIY mocha spoons tutorial for your wedding coffee bar

If you're rocking a killer coffee bar at your wedding, adding these DIY mocha spoons for stirring in delicious chocolate flavor is ultra-fancy. You'll never believe how fast and easy they are to whip up last-minute. A little chocolate, white chocolate, or colored melting candy, some plastic spoons, a smidge of edible glitter or sprinkles… and you're set.


19 things coffee lovers need on their wedding registry

If you're a caffeine junkie like I am, you know the joys of receiving a gift to complete your own personal coffee station. It's all about that morning ritual. And that 2:00 pm ritual. And that 6:00 pm ritual. And that 9:00 pm decaf ritual. You get the point: coffee is my jam. So what ARE the gifts that coffee lovers need to add to their wedding registry? We've got accessories that will amp your brewing game to barista level, super flexible coffee makers, and fun coffee wearables and accessories to share your caffeinated love with the world. Let's talk java gifts for your wedding registry.