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So you're thinking of submitting a guestpost to Offbeat Bride! AWESOME! The best way to get a feel for the kind of content we run is to read the blog carefully — you'll know our guestsposts because under the title, it says "Guestpost by…" and then the author's name.

We love:

  • Advice questions (but make sure you search our archives first — we've answered hundreds of questions!)
  • Constructive, positive first-person perspectives about dealing with the challenges of wedding planning
  • Real wedding budget break-downs (how'd you spend your money? We want to see your pie chart!)
  • Original DIY tutorials
  • Engagement sessions and styled shoots
  • Newlywed perspectives on lessons learned during wedding planning
  • Perspectives about LGBT weddings, especially non-binary gender identities
  • Thoughts on feminism and weddings/marriage
  • Perspectives from marginalized communities, for examples stories about planning a wedding while dealing with disabilities
  • Industry insider posts offering guidance from industry professionals
  • Writers who understand why we avoid weight loss talk (we are 100% committed to positive body image) and gender essentialism (our readers will rip you up if you make generalizations about gender).

We're not into:

  • Infographics
  • Posts written by SEO marketers
  • Rants, diatribes
  • Vendor reviews
  • Press Releases
  • Self-promotional posts about your business (…although we do love featuring vendors as part of vendor spotlights! Let's scheme.)


  • Posts should be 1000 words or less
  • Make sure material is spell-checked and edited
  • We're ok with posts you wrote for your own blog or website — just be sure to let us know where it originally appeared. We generally don't run posts that have already appeared on other wedding websites.
  • While we love reading each one, we're not able to publish every guestpost that's submitted. We'll email you within two weeks if we're able to use your post!

Submit your guestpost for consideration

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  • You can use a handle or pseudonym if you'd like.
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  • If you use, add your associated email address here. (It's likely the same as your email address above.) Then we can attach a little author image to go with your guestpost! If none of this makes any sense, you can just ignore this field. 🙂
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