Shiver with delight at a spooky wedding in the French Quarter

Photos by Elizabeth Ray Photography

Say it with me. The French Quarter. Even the name of the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans has a mystical quality to it. Elisa and Ron turned up the mystery and the heat by several notches with their spookily glam wedding at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel last October. Of course Ron looks adorable as do all grooms with fabulous beards and suit vests and trainers. His bride is positively smoking in a black lace peplum dress, spiked heels, and tattoos simply everywhere. Her black spider-web veil is, of course, perfection. And they both look way cooler than I ever would on a motorcycle.

Also, can anyone tell me what color Elisa's hair is? Black, blue, or green? All of the above? It looks like peacock wet dreams.





















Photographer: Elizabeth Ray Photography • Venue: The French Quarter Wedding Chapel

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  1. Love, LOVE the last photo -so cute! Looks like an amazing wedding. Congratulations!

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  2. LOVE THIS. Just don't think too hard about the phrase 'peacock wet dreams'…

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  3. Whoah! Spooky and a uniquely fun wedding… The spookiness is showing in everything, from set up, to hairstyles, to groom's and bride's attire..nice!

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  4. The bride's accessories are to die for! They look so sultry together. Congratulations!

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  5. Badass wedding! Bride looks hot, hot, hot & the groom just compliments her with his look & his bike! Congrats!

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  6. OMG, YES!!!!!

    My fiance and I live in Tulsa and our families live in South Carolina – we've been planning a Vegas wedding (cheap and mainstreamed – I am NOT interested in making sure my maids' gowns match the chargers at our reception) but today my mom suggested I look at NOLA since it's closer to the East coast and a nice fusion of my Fiance's southern roots and my need for offbeat weirdness. I've spent the last five hours looking at wedding sites around the city, emailing vendors asking for prices and details and shuddering at the idea of how much the sites will cost. I skipped over to OffbeatBride b/c
    a) I worship you guys
    b) I needed a offbeat check
    c) to see what other badass babes had done in NOLA bc I'm not expecting enough people to make a plantation wedding worth it, yknow?

    anyway, this wedding took my breath away (I wish I could be as cool as you guys) AND the chapel is PERFECT. Streamlined, get in and get out and get back on our merry way. I'm in love.

    So, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. <3<3<3

    You guys look fantastic and the epitome of cool-ness. Congrats!

    • Hi thanks for the lovely compliments. I had a blast, Halloween is our fave holiday. If you have any wedding needs I specialize in weddings, my salon is Bouffant Beauty & Barber. We can help make your day even more glam and fabulous! Give our Facebook a glance and feel free to call with any questions

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  7. For anyone getting married in NOLA, the best part is that you don't really have to pay to have a reception. The party is literally all around you! Just grab your best peoples and rock your way up Bourbon. It's a blast!

  8. We are looking into the French Quarter Chapel as it Def looks like it suits us AND your photos here really inspired me to continue looking into that venue. I know they offer a lot of options and I am wondering what options you chose for the event … and ALSO where your umbrella is from as I MUST have one for our wedding.

    • Hi Dawn- I bought the parasol at Le Garage on Decatur in the French quarter. I added the bats myself. Also-I specialize in wedding and event styling, please don't hesitate to email me if you are needing help finding a stylist. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.

  9. I have to say, I keep coming back to this post… This wedding is PERFECT.

    I especially love the spiderweb veil and the Just Married motorcycle vest.

    But also everything. We're heading down to NOLA next month and this makes me just want to say fuck it and elope there.

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