Weddings in South Australia are about to get better thanks to CelebrateLife!

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Hey look! It's Merrilyn Williams officiating another pretty rad looking offbeat wedding!

Recently Ariel and I were talking about how SUPER IMPORTANT a good wedding officiant/celebrant/whatever is to the feel of a wedding. You want someone articulate, someone who can project, someone who can wrangle a crowd, someone who wants that perfect balance between sacred and sanctimonious. And Merrilyn Williams, a really good civil marriage celebrant in South Australia, is that someone.

How do we know she's good? Well, for one thing, she's already kicked-ass at a wedding we've featured: Kimberley and Dan's skulls and blue birds wedding, where she helped them create a powerful yet unique ceremony, much to their delight.

And then there are things like this…

"Most of my referrals are word of mouth. It's soooo rewarding (and head spinning!) when guests at a wedding approach me afterward and say, 'I recognised you straight away. You did (my friend's) wedding — it was great. It was soooo them!'" —Merrilyn Williams

Through her celebrant service called CelebrateLife, Merrilyn works closely with all of her couples to ensure that their marriage ceremony truly celebrates their unique relationship — shared stories, fun, laughter, tears, lots of love and, of course, the very personal vows that come from the heart of each partner.

On the CelebrateLife website, Merrilyn has a boat load of information about shaping your ceremony. Of great interest — especially for you OBBs — is the section called Dare to be Yourselves and also navigating the rough waters of same sex unions in AUS.

All of that to say that CelebrateLife encourages you to be yourself on your wedding day. So if you're in South Australia repeat after me… no more boring marriage ceremonies!

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  1. I've been to one of Merrilyn's weddings! We were actually contemplating hiring her for our same-sex wedding when we found out we had a celebrant in the family. Definitely recommend 🙂

    Incidentally, finding vendors that are not only queer friendly but actively advertise their queer friendliness in SA is near impossible, thanks Merrilyn!

  2. Merrilyn is officiating for us in about three weeks time (!) and she's been awesome helping with our ceremony preparation 🙂

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