Sexy Pin-up style photos from Seattle Boudoir Photography

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If you're looking for a completely mind-blowing gift for your partner then you have arrived my friend. What could be better than high quality, fun and sexy photos of their future wife, or husband!? (Yes I said husband, why not!?)

Seattle Boudoir Photography is, well, exactly what their name says — they're  a specialized photography studio focusing on boudoir photography, based in the heart of Belltown, Seattle. Their boudoir packages start at less than $300 and include full hair and makeup, wardrobe services, hors d'oeuvres and drinks (gotta have the drinks).

Keep reading for an amazing bachelorette party idea and to see pictures that were too hot for the OBB home page! [WARNING: Some of these shots might be a little NSFW.]

Seattle Boudoir Photography does Boudoir Bachelorette Parties! How cool is that!? They designed their bachelorette party to combine serious pampering and styling with one of their awesome photographers in order to create beautiful, sensual photographs of everyone in the party. And did I mention the drinks?

"Our approach is focused on a team of professionals futzing over our clients, celebrating the amazing beauty and energy of our clients, no matter what size, shape or age they are. And it's a blast as we create an atmosphere that is fun, creative and empowering."
– Phil Holden, owner of Seattle Boudoir Photography

So if you want Seattle Boudoir Photography to document your amazing beauty with tasteful and artistic (but mostly HAWT) photographs, then head over to their site and make all of your sexy pin-up dreams come true!

  1. So while these shots are amazing, and I think this is a terrific idea, I have a question: what do you do with the photos post gift? Do you hang them on the wall (and never let parental units or youngins in the room?)? Scrapbook? Any thoughts?

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    • I have several friends who have done this. They've all made albums for their husbands with the pictures post-photo shoot. A few chose to hang certain pictures in their bedroom, as most people don't walk in there, but they were still on the more modest side (posed like something you might see in Vogue).

    • Becca I an searching on Los Angeles for a place like this so I can make a calendar for my husband as a birthday gift. I have children and wouldnt want them to come across these pics either, hope it help with ideas 😉

  2. I absolutely love this idea as a surprise gift for my FH. I have been looking for an affordable, and professional photographer in my area who does these. My wedding photographer is also my sons 4th grade teacher so I feel a little strange about asking her… I am in Palm Beach County if any one has suggestions.

    • You can check and see if Focused on Forever (based in Martin County, but I know they do a lot of work in your area) is doing any boudoir sessions. I know they have in the past, but I haven't checked to see if they're doing anything right now. Can't hurt to ask.

  3. I like the pictures, very pretty. But does anyone else get a twinge at these highly airbrushed pictures? Nothing against these specific photographers and it's the same as the pictures in magazines but I get a little sad that we have to airbrush all normal wrinkles and texture of real skin out in order to have sexy pretty pictures.

    • The site says they airbrush, but if you look at some of the other pictures in their gallery (which are NSFW), you'll see that they actually leave some of it alone. There's wrinkles in the shoulder, slight folds in the waist, more mature women who don't look like they've been airbrushed to look 20, etc. Beyond that, I'm sure lighting also plays a big part in it.

      I was looking for similar studios close to me, but unfortunately, the ones I've found all really do look like plastic. The slight deviance in these pictures really set it apart for me.

      • At SBP, we actually do very much want our clients to look "real" at the end of the day, so while we do offer professional editing of your photographs to make them look as beautiful as possible, we do not attempt to recreate the person into something they are not. Also, clients can give input on what they do and do not want edited out, so you have some freedom to say how much photoshop work you'd prefer done to your final propduct. We are NOT about making people look plastic at all, I assure you. 🙂

  4. Oh wow, its funny how this has been posted, when only last week I discovered a similar service here in Australia –
    Stuff doing it for the husband, I'm going to do it for me because it'll be fun!
    I dont mind the airbrushing – you could say that having photos done pin-up style isnt displaying someone's true self because they dont dress like that every day, or whatever – I'm sure they only airbrush to enhance, not to change or cover up 🙂

  5. The only thing that bothers me with a lot of the boudoir photographers I've seen is the majority of the models they feature are skinny and fit. I want to see curvy women like me so I can see what I might look like and see if it's worth me actually paying to have it done. I did actually manage to find a photographer in my state with some photos of real women and it made me feel a lot more confident about having these types of photos taken than any of the other sites I've seen. Fit and trim women just make me feel more self-conscious and less likely to do it. But the beautiful curvy girls make me feel like I could do it too! I did briefly glance at the Seattle Boudoir site (I'm at work tee hee!) and saw a curvy couple gals in their gallery so props to them! I'm thinking about doing this for my husband when I get the money, maybe for Christmas or something.

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    • The couple of plus sized women I saw in the gallery (there are some other smaller curvy girls) had their bellies covered and one kindof looked scared. Anyone have any ideas on if these photographers are particularly size friendly?

  6. Generally studios don't provide the clothing, correct? But is that what is meant by "wardrobe services"?
    I've never really gone to a studio besides when I had my senior pictures taken so I don't really know what goes on in one. Especially in a studio that does pinup photography.

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