Seattle's Urban Light Studios is now offering off-site wedding photography!

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You Seattle brides may already know about Urban Light Studios as one of Seattle's most awesome wedding venues (the lion statue, the funky mural wall, the art galleries, and themed rooms). Non-Seattleites might remember it as the "artist speakeasy" that played host to our awesome Empire party last year.

We've also talked about how one of the benefits of hosting a wedding at Urban Light Studios is that you can book their in-house photography team to shoot your wedding.

But what you don't know is that now Urban Light Studios' special rockstar photography package is freaking MOBILE!

Allow me to break this awesome news to you, while showcasing some of their fabulous wedding photographs that were taken outside of their venue…

And check out that sweet sweet lighting!

Now the Urban Light Studios photography team can shoot your wedding anywhere throughout the Puget Sound region. They'll bring all their studio equipment and create their special Fashion Lighting System (which harnesses remote control lighting to create a totally unique look from most on-camera flashes)… and they'll do it all without taking up too much space.

We're DEFINITELY not in Urban Light Studio anymore, Toto.

Urban Light Studios on-location photography package has a flat fee of $2500 — no strings attached. That includes up to eight hours of time with two(!) photographers. After the shoot, your images get processed back at the studio, and then they give you ALL the images on a custom thumb drive. Photos are full resolution, which means you can print, copy, and share them with friends and family all you like — they're all yours.

I love everything about this photo — the background, the foreground, the brides, the photo prop. In love.

Bonus part: Urban Light Studios even offers their Photo Booth package as an on-location option. They set up a backdrop and lighting and let you and your guests jump in front of the camera to strike a pose as crazy as they want (props included).

You can literally take your love to the streets with Urban Light Studios now.
Urban Light Studios is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

So let's review:

  1. Urban Light Studios is an awesome location to have your wedding.
  2. Urban Light Studios can also be an awesome on-site photography team for your wedding ANYWHERE in the Puget Sound area.

What will they think of next? We may have more good news to come soon…

But in the meantime, Seattleites in love, contact Urban Light Studios for more info and date availability and bring their photography awesomeness to your wedding!

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