Rocket Dog wedding shoes

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Rocket Dog's Sedona pump
Every once and a while I like to dive down into one specific shoe brand to get a feel for how they might fit for all sorts of different brides. This week, it's Rocket Dog shoes. Many of their styles are on the more casual end of the spectrum, perfect for beach brides or backyard weddings, but they've got a few heels that still have that high-style boomPOW for a more formal affair.

Of course, because it's me, there are several rainbow-striped shoes involved… but I think what y'all are going to like best is that NONE of these shoes are over $60.

As always, click the pictures to learn more!

Rocket Dog - Clara (Tan Guatemala Stripe) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Sedona (Natural Bright Eyelet) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Wanda (Baltic Blue Brushed Satin) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Tonic (White Mai Tai) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Babydoll (Red Cow Girl Denim) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Tonic (Silver Wrinkled Nylon) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Ohno (Tan Guatemala Stripe) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Dana (Red Paradise Stripe) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Sedona (Black Mai Tai) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Messenger (Magenta Thai Silk) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Smokey (Magenta Thai Silk) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Clara (Yellow Canvas) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Sedona (Black Bright Eyelet) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Octavia (Orange) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Orient (Natural Guatemala Stripe) - Footwear

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  1. Bonus: Every pair of Rocket Dog shoes I've ever had was supremely comfortable.

    These are delightful. I'm seriously considering a few of these!

    3 agree
    • i second this. i seriously <3 rocket dogs. even my slippers are rocket dogs. i'm getting a pair of their orient heel in cement grey to wear (with fancy shoe clips) for the wedding.

    • I third this. I had a pair of Rocket Dogs that were so wonderful, I wore them for a good four years every day until people started telling me I needed to throw them away (I guess taping the straps back on was a bit much…)

  2. I just got the ones in the bottom right hand corner and I LOVE THEM. They are so comfy for heels, and they make me feel a little dr. seussey. 😀

  3. I bought a pair of rocket dog shoes for bridesmaid shoes this past fall. They were like the pair featured at the top, only closed, rounded toe, no knot, and irridescent silver. They're amazingly elegant, and way too nice to wear casually. The bride loved my choice. They weren't as comfortable as I'd like, but with a pair of gells on the ball, they were wearable. They were even on sale when I bought them! Best deal I've bought in a while!

  4. lol, I just wore some grey rocket dog heals to my wedding and they were amazing and beautiful! I didn't even realize they had such dressy shoes till my husband started helping me pick my wedding shoes!

  5. FINALLY! Rainbow wedges!!!!! I've been looking for you for so long! Now, shut up and take my money.

  6. Three of my nine pairs of shoes are Rocket Dog, and I love every single one of them. Not only are they super comfy, but the oldest pair is four years old and staying strong.

    Definitely going to them for a pair for the wedding.

  7. YES! One of my latest shoe purchases was the shoe in the middle of the far left column (rainbow, bow, slingback). And as I was trying to justify the purchase to myself, I kept saying "I wish I had found these before the wedding." I splurged anyway, and am glad I did.

  8. Can I just say I love this post? I'm not one to harp on brands… but God, do I love Rocket Dog. I love that everyone is also saying, "God… we love Rocket Dog."

  9. I will be wearing Rocket Dog shoes for my wedding! Couldn't find any that I liked for almost a year but found a pair of rocket dogs that were perfect on sale for 20 dollars one month before the big day!!! They are so cute and comfy that I bought dresses for all my summer events in colors that would go with them so I can wear them over and over!

  10. I wore Rocket Dog flats at my wedding! They were the "Memories" style in white lace. They are adorable and I still wear them all the time. They were great dance shoes, too.

  11. Bought my wedding shoes from RD and love them! My first pair is a blue pump that I got on ModCloth. My second pair I stumbled upon in a DSW–it's a flat version of my pumps! Totally perfect for my pregnant feetsies in June!

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