Flowers + rock candy = pretty freaking sweet

Thanks to photographer Michael Andrews for sending us some unique floral inspiration from Simi Valley based florist, Flowers by Susan


We've seen feathers and flowers before, but who knew what a great addition colored sticks of rock candy would be to floral arrangements!? Well… apparently Susan did. Yay Susan! These "rock." [Editor's Note: HARDY HAR HAR, MEGAN. You so punny! -Ariel]


More candy bouquet inspiration:

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  1. I didn't even notice the rock candy at first glance, very subtle! I in fact had to review the pics 3x to see them. But now that I do, I love it!

  2. Love it!

    Someone should carry cotton candy as their bouquet!
    Or candy apples!
    Or lollipops!
    Or a lollipop bouquet!
    Or Pocky!

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  3. I would've never thought of using rock candy as part of a wedding bouquet. How deliciously sweet. Actually, making a candy bouquet for a flowergirl would be absolutely adorable.

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  4. I'm not normally a big fan of elaborate/expensive bouquets, but that top one made me stop and go "ooooh."

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  5. I'm not normally a big fan of elaborate/expensive bouquets, but that top one made me stop and go "ooooh."

  6. I am enjoying and truly appreciating all the positive response to my work. I am crazy about what I get to do for a living, and am extatic to have come across Michael on my path… He's the only photographer (ever!) that's really gotten/understood what I am trying to express. Thank-you, Michael, for making me look so damn good!

  7. Thank-you, OBB, for the exposure you have given Michael and I! More design innovation in the near future!

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