Ethical engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry

We've teamed with Brilliant Earth to showcase ethical, beyond conflict-free fine jewelry that you can truly feel awesome about wearing. They've hooked us up with a few favorite styles here, but totally know that the options are diverse, and include diamond engagement rings, gorgeous sapphires and unique colored gemstones, antique rings, wedding bands, eco-friendly fine jewelry, and custom styles (their custom experts make it easy to create your dream ring!).


be-tinylogo2Diamond Engagement Rings


Brilliant Earth stands out as a socially responsible jeweler. All of their rings are handcrafted from recycled precious metals and set with beyond conflict free diamonds. All of that means you can lust after their vintage designs, modern styles, and majorly epic bling.

be-tinylogo2Antique Rings & Jewelry


We know Offbeat Brides, and we know vintage and antique rings are their JAM. There are tons of one-of-a-kind antique rings for any bride rockin' an era-specific wedding or who just loves the vintage look.

be-tinylogo2Wedding Rings


If you're looking for a fab men's or women's wedding band or an alternative engagement ring that doesn't include the big solitaire diamond, check out Brilliant Earth's selection of gorgeous wedding rings.

be-tinylogo2Sapphire Engagement Rings


Sapphires are an awesome alternative to diamond engagement rings (and are more budget-friendly!). Plus, the cool thing about sapphires is that they can come in every color of the rainbow. Seriously, check out the loose gemstone gallery. You'll find blues, pinks, purples, greens, yellows, even orange!

be-tinylogo2Custom Designed Rings


Brilliant Earth's custom rings prove that the sky is the limit for your dream ring. You don't want to miss their recent examples for proof. Take a peek into the custom design process and let your imagination run wild. They even do fingerprint rings. Make it your own!

be-tinylogo2Fine Jewelry & Gifts


Brilliant Earth isn't just about rings, though. Think personalized pendants, Tahitian pearls, constellations in sterling silver, and sapphire earrings. Here are those perfect additions to a wedding outfit that translate right back into daily life (or gifts for super lucky loved ones!).

be-tinylogo2Beyond Conflict Free Guarantee

Where do these gems come from and what makes them "conflict free?" Are ethical diamonds the same quality, easy to find, and within your budget? All of your questions are answered right here!

be-tinylogo2Top 10 Reasons to Care Where Your Jewelry Comes From

Discover the top ten reasons why you should care about the origins of the precious metals and gemstones in your jewelry, including civil wars, poverty, and forced labor. It's serious business and something we should all know about.

be-tinylogo2Free Shipping & Free Returns

Free shipping both ways is just how Brilliant Earth rolls. That includes you, Canadians! Plus, everything will be insured at full value, so there's no reason to worry.

Are you ready to find your own brand new shinies to celebrate your marriage? Head on over to Brilliant Earth to browse the virtual aisles or customize your own dream ring!