Instead of a receiving line, serve your guests dessert

Photo by Gillian Gamble

Maybe receiving lines aren't your thing. You're looking for an alternative, perhaps, something a bit more informal. You should totally steal Elle and Bear's idea! Rather than ask their guests to wait in a line to say hi, the couple grabbed platters of muffins and took them around right after the ceremony. Elle puts it really well:

We wanted to serve our guests, not just be served by staff … It was great to have a quick chat, hug, and offer tasty treats in this way because these people had done so much for us.

We've definitely seen food-as-receiving-line ideas before (check out Ali and Phil's ice cream service and, while you're at it, our tag for alternate receiving lines). Clearly, offering dessert is an awesome way to say "thanks for everything, we love you, and you should totally try this" all at the same time.

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  1. We did something like this. I baked our wedding cake and we cut and served it as our first act of hospitality as a married couple. It was fun!

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  2. I had thought about doing this! Then I forgot about it because I thought it would be impractical. But for our lunch reception we'll only have around 65 guests, so why not? I'm a baker and a dessert specialist, it would be ver fitting for me to do it!

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  3. My parents did something like this; it's a tradition for the bride and groom to pass around the platters of Italian cookies during the reception to thank everyone for coming. They do say they wish they had put aside more time for just the two of them when they talk about this, but they also had almost 300 people at the wedding (almost all family).

  4. We're doing something like this! My aunt is baking our wedding cake and after the initial cake tradition, we're handing the cake over to our wedding planner where she'll cut and plate, and we'll serve and hug and kiss, and the photographer will snap away. This will ensure we have a moment with each guest AND get a picture with them.
    It'll be a lot and take a little longer than usual, but for us, and them, it's worth it. We have our venue rented for a whole week and it'll be mass chaos…but we know we'll have "moments to ourselves" at the end of the night and during the Honeymoon. After being away for 4 years (USMC), our wedding will be a great homecoming as well as a celebration of our love with family and friends…so we don't mind doing things like this for them however extra tiring or extra long it takes. 🙂

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