Rainbow shoes for a full-spectrum wedding day

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Jeffrey Campbell Str8up Rainbow MultiOk, ok. I really am just about done with my ongoing rainbow shoes series, but a few weeks ago a reader suggested I cap it off with a post about RAINBOW shoes and… you know, I just can't resist an opportunity to do a post about rainbow shoes.

I fully recognize that very VERY few of you would even CONSIDER wearing rainbow shoes, but for the three of you who are still with me here in my own technicolor full-spectrum fever dream (Justin Timberlake is that you? I love your pajamas. And is this your pet sloth!? LET'S DANCE!), let's put on our rainbow platforms and get ridiculous.

(For the rest of you, the lovely $53 vintage-styled bonus shoe might be worth a peek.)

Irregular Choice - Chica Chola (Rainbow) - Footwear
Tecnica - Moon Boot Rainbow (Blue) - Footwear
iron fist
Loafer the Rainbow Wedge
Rainbow Where You Please Heel

ray it ain't so flatform

Chica Chica Boom - Gold

Random bonus shoe

Elaborate Elegance Pink Pumps

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  1. Oh, man. Someone had to suggest you end with a rainbow shoe post? I thought that's where you were heading from the start! I do love me some colorful shoes.

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    • Actual rainbow shoes are hard! There are more styles out there than there used to be, but they tend to be novelty styles that come and go REALLY fast… my rainbow platform Jeffrey Campbells have long-since gone out of production. This post almost feels like it didn't have enough shoes to be worth it…

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  2. "I fully recognize that very VERY few of you would even CONSIDER wearing rainbow shoes.."

    There are many things on the Empire sites that I wouldn't consider, but that's precisely why I keep reading. "That's so not for me, but check out these folks that tried it and rocked it!" Thanks for giving me glimpses of all the awesome people and ideas and SHOES in this world that I might not ever get a chance to encounter in my regular day-to-day. 🙂

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  3. I totally would consider rocking rainbow shoes for my (rainbow themed) wedding, except I haven't been in love with any of the ones I've seen. There are a few on here I like but those were also the ones already sold out, or else just waaaay out of my price range. Also, I'm not much of a heel wearer so I really need rainbow flats to keep from breaking my neck. Thanks for the post, though! Great inspiration!

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    • Make your own! I posted below about how I DIYed my own rainbow shoes for my rainbow wedding because no rainbow shoes come in a size 15.

  4. I covet the Bonus Shoes. However, I covet the kind of opportunity that would lead to my wearing the tiger-striped rainbow shoes. That would be the most epic party!

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  5. Those black shoes with the rainbow platform are pure love. Must have! I even have perfectly-matching rainbow shoelaces to use with them. I've done plenty of searches for rainbow shoes before, but all I ever seem to find is heels, so thank you for this post.

  6. We're having a rainbow themed wedding, but I couldnt find any rainbow shoes that really spoke to me, were in my size, or were in a style I could walk in, so I've opted for plain white lace flats. Bummer!

    • I wear a size 15, so for my rainbow wedding (which I just submitted so maybe you'll see it someday) I got random comfy flats from zappos and decorated them with sheet music and rainbow glitter. Problem solved!

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  7. You know, I think I would wear rainbow shoes. (I need to fly my pride flag somewhere in this wedding!) Alas, I also need to be able to walk in them. Haha. Thank you for this roundup though. It was inspiring!

  8. I am wearing 20-hole Docs with rainbow ribbon laces!!! If I can I will probably have 3-4 shoe changes. 😀 Some of these are totally going on the list.

    *dances away with mr sloth*

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