Presenting the most adorable punk mom-to-be bride you'll see today

Photos by Lora Mae Photography

I'll say it again: a-frickin-dorable. Lise was a seven month pregnant bride last November when she married Sam in a California backyard, and now I just want to see more cute moms-to-be in combat boots, please. Preferably with short hair dyed to match their wedding colors (black and red, y'all!).

Once you've stopped cooing over how cute Lise and Sam are together, may I direct your attention to a few particularly stunning details? For example, a family friend put together Lise's incredible bouquet. How COOL are the long chains dangling from the fabric flowers? Keys and brooches are hiding out in the mix as well. Her matching headband was also handmade. But let's not leave Sam unadmired: Dude is rocking the pinstripe pants and some serious boots — looking so good next to Lise's!














Florist: My Utmost Floral Design • Photography: Lora Mae Photography

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  1. the young punk in me from oh so long ago ::cough:: Damn,I am old:: cough:: I love this everything about it the colors,the garb, and importantly the love you can see is here. I hate to judge though but when looking at the pictures they look all of about 12 years old. HA likely not the case but I was once a young bride, and then more recently a not so young bride so it just strikes me their age having had been there. I wish them much luck and love in the future with their baby, any word on if her name is Minnie Pearl?

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    • So adorable- and the pin stripe pants!!!!!! I lol'd at your comment Lixelcowgirl. Back in my younger years I "was a young punk" and I thought the same thing. That would have been my wedding, had I got married 15 years ago LOL. I think we are just getting old that they look so young ­čÖé Their wedding photos are adorable!

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    • I don't think any adult is too young to marry but I would not believe these too were old enough to sign the paper work!

      (I often get mistaken for being 10 years younger than I really am, and my partner too. )

  2. Everything about this wedding is so sweet and happy. I want to squeeze them both. Cuties!

  3. Oh dang, if this isn't one of the cutest couples I've ever seen… Congrats!

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  4. I love that in every picture he's looking at her like "I can't believe I'm so lucky that this woman is going to be my wife" and she looks so radiant. The love really comes through.

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  5. Luv the combat boots! You guys are adorable, what a cute baby you are going to have! Congrats…..twice!

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  6. The hair! That headband! And that amazing bouquet! My first thought was that it looks a lot like mine, we're having a red and black wedding just under 8 weeks from now. LOVE the dress and boots combo too!

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