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Do you see Offbeat Bride weddings and think, "I wish I had more clients like THAT"?

With over 1 million readers a month and over 146k followers on Facebook, Offbeat Bride the world's most popular website dedicated to nontraditional weddings. Offbeat Bride is the very best way for fashion designers, print designers, photographers, jewelers, and other wedding businesses to reach creative couples online.

Not only do we cater couples with bold weddings, but our reach is enormous — not just on our own website (where we reach over a million people a month), but on our social media properties, where we have a collective 166k+ followers between Facebook and Twitter. We specialize in social media.

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Join our community of trusted partners by being listed in our Vendor Guide. You'll get to feature your favorite photos, promotions, and links to connect our readers to your business. You'll also receive early access to special discounts and a badge to share on your website.

Plus, being a part of our Vendor Guide allows you to purchase Vendor Spotlight blog posts. More about those in a second…

Listing: $460

Once you're in our Vendor Guide…

…Then we can get your business all over and our social media properties via a Vendor Spotlight post — these are our secret sauce!

When you purchase a Vendor Spotlight post, our editors will work with you to custom craft a post targeted perfectly to our 50,000 daily readers. We write about how you cater to the unique needs of nontraditional couples, and the post about you appears with all our other editorial content, and is pushed out to our 166k+ social media followers via Facebook and Twitter.

Vendor Spotlight posts also remain in the archives of in perpetuity — we have Vendor Spotlight posts from 2009 that are still sending clicks for advertisers. Plus, readers love these things!

Vendor Spotlight: $450

A la carte placement

Banner ads
Our sidebar banner ads get 100k impressions a day, and start at just $185. These are a great way for online vendors to reach a wide swath of our readers, and they look great on mobile!

Banners: $185

Social media blasts
Reach out directly to our 146k+ Facebook followers and 20k+ Twitter lovers via a customized social media campaign.

Social media: $200

Bundled and Custom Packages
Get in touch with our team to craft up the perfect campaign for your needs and get great deals for bundling services!

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