Wedding invitations that adorabley encompass your personalities from Simple Difference

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When Daniela Weil, the designer behind our sponsor Simple Difference got married back in 2003, she was underwhelmed by the options for non-traditional invitations. Fortunately she's been making cards with cartoon drawings of people since she was in middle school. So she put pen to paper and ended up creating a custom wedding invitation with a drawing of her and her husband. No surprise: the result was awesome!

She she started Simple Difference to provide other creative couples looking for unique wedding invitations that are just, well, YOU.

I believe wedding invitations should be about YOU — who you are. It's about being true to yourselves, and having a sense of humor about things. My invites are fun, alternative, and make great keepsakes for friends and family. -Daniela

If your cartoon people drawing-skills are less than sub par, first of all join the club, then take advantage of Daniela's talents to get super-freaking-duper personalized wedding invitations. Let's look at some ways you can customize your Simple Difference wedding invites

Incorporate your particular hobbies and interests:
Take Christa and Kristy's adorable invites: all of their special interests and family members are represented: their adorable pooches, their guitar and books, Kristy's even pictured with her stethoscope around her neck and Christa's rocking her iPod. I feel like I know these ladies without ever meeting them, and I'm starting to feel a bit upset that I wasn't invited to their wedding!

Play up your wedding theme:
Nichole and Mike had a Jazz-theme wedding. They were super hands-on with all their details, from the design of the dress, to the groom's outfit, the music selection, and the invitation, of course!

Get people excited about your destination wedding, or thank them from your offbeat honeymoon:
Simple Difference has a ton of examples on how to entice your guests over to your destination wedding — fun boarding pass invites, tempting island invites with surfboards and scenery — and imagine the "Thank You" cards as your Italian wedding invites!

Have fun with custom table numbers, wedding maps, and even stamps:
There are so many different ways you can personalize the hell out of your weddings with Simple Difference. One couple had table numbers designed with their many hobbies and good times together. When planning my destination wedding, providing maps was an important step, and I WISH I had known about Simple Difference's awesome map designs. You can even have Simple Difference add personality through something as small as custom stamps! Hell, I'm sure y'all could come up with even MORE ways to use Simple Difference to customize the heck out of your event. Start scheming with Daniela now!

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