Filipino culture blends with Persian at this real-life Pinterest board Southern wedding

Persian bride and Filipino groom
Photos by Richard Bell Photography

First things first: You really need to see Neda's bouquet. Yes, we love our bouquet alternatives and our nonfloral bouquets, but holy SHIT, Neda's flower-lovin' bouquet is a thing of jaw-dropping beauty. I'll take 10.

Neda and Mark put their own spin on a Southern wedding by throwing in plenty of love for each of their heritages: Persian and Filipino, respectively! This was a huge bash in South Carolina for both of their very large families and lots of their friends. Yes, there are tons of Pinterest-able details like the Bride and Groom chair signs, the simple card box, and the adorable chalkboard menus — but if I may direct your attention to the food, y'all. The naked cake is stunning by itself, but they have a mac-and-cheese bar WHICH IS ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE THINGS. Huff, pant, I'm fine — there are lots of other gorgeous things to look at if you're not as into this menu as I am, so get scrolling!

Peonies ranunculus roses and ivy bouquets

Persian bride getting ready

Bride in South Carolina

Vines peonies and ranunculus bouquet

Bride next to Spanish moss

Groom adjusting suit in car mirror

Outdoor wedding in South Carolina

South Carolina ceremony

South Carolina ceremony I

Exchanging rings

Bride and groom dance

Persian bride and Filipino grooms Southern wedding

Scoop back wedding dress

Bride and groom on South Carolina bridge

Walking into Southern sunlight

Large chalkboard schedule

Simple wedding card box

Peony and ranunculus table decor

Simple lantern on cocktail table

Simple reserved sign

Brides chair

Grooms chair

Avocado and sundried tomatoes on baguette

Cheese fruit and grilled veg

Cute bottles and jars for BBQ sauces pickles and slaws

Mac and cheese menu

Toppings for mac and cheese bar

Custom wedding sugar cookies

Naked cake

Naked cake with ranunculus

Cutting the cake

Feeding the cake

Sweet sugary kisses

Southern wedding

Southern evening hugs

Sparkler sendoff


Caterer: B. Gourmet Catering • DJ: FingerSnappin' Entertainment • Event Planner: Cruz Coordination • Equipment Rentals: Event Works • Floral designer: Wild Flowers • Makeup and Hair: Generations of Design • Photographer: Richard Bell Photography • Transportation: ACW Limo Service • Venue: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

This post was written based on information provided by the photographer. If there are any errors or omissions, please contact us.

  1. Beautiful venue and beautiful wedding, with the love between all of you shining through but…not really sure if a Southern Plantation with slavery history is the ideal place for a wedding. I couldn't focus on the beauty of it knowing that it held such memories of immense suffering.

    8 agree
  2. I love the ivy in the bouquet! What a lovely touch amid a wedding full of lovely touches. Also, the bride's and groom's faces during the ceremony!!! *squishy feelings*

    2 agree
  3. That gown is absolutely perfect for your body. You look stunning, and the two of you look so happy.

  4. I really do not want to be rude to the couple, what a beautiful bride with a stunning dress, very nice ambience and I LOVE the location. Looks like the perfect wedding and the couple sure seems happy. Congrats by the way!

    But as more and more often in the last months I do struggle a bit to clearly identify the "offbeatness" in some of the weddings featured here?

    3 agree
  5. This is clearly a very beautiful traditional wedding, and lots of thought has gone into coordinating all this beautiful detail. The plantation location makes for stunning photographs, and I guess it is up to a couple to decide what they feel comfortable with in terms of the historical aspects of their venue. But like Meg, I am struggling to see the offbeatness. Surely it is not the fact that a loving couple from two different cultural backgrounds is getting married?

  6. Meg and RamblingHen:

    One of Offbeat Bride's top editorial missions is inclusivity, which means we celebrate weddings all along the offbeat spectrum, including a few that might appear more traditional. Your wedding and this website are not contests to see who can be embody more "offbeatness."

    Our commitment to inclusivity also means that diversity is a top priority — something we're very open about on our submissions page, and have written about going back to 2012.

    I understand that prioritizing diversity can be uncomfortable, but we've decided it's more important that Offbeat Bride includes couples with a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, ages, abilities, and identities, than it is that every wedding adhere to some mandate of "offbeat enough."

    RamblingHen, you asked, "Surely it is not the fact that a loving couple from two different cultural backgrounds is getting married?" Actually, surely it is, because we've chosen to prioritize sharing a range of interfaith and intercultural weddings, regardless of whether they have more overtly offbeat visible details.

    Generally speaking, we allow our readers to self-identify. If you're reading Offbeat Bride, then you're offbeat enough. If you've found a happy place here, then you belong here!

    19 agree

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