These Perler bead centerpieces WILL MELT YOUR FACE WITH AWESOME

Bride and groom in Perler beads welcome sign
Photos by Amanda Stevens Photography

Let it be known that this industrious couple hand-placed over 56,000 Perler beads for their New Jersey wedding. THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THE AWESOME. But I shall say some anyway. Alyssa and Ryan met playing Ultimate Frisbee (which is one of my fave things ever) and sealed the deal at their wedding this past June… after hours and hours of assembling some amazeballs Perler bead centerpieces.

What do you get with 56,000+ beads? I'll tell you. More than 240 flowers and a couple of very adorable cartoon self-portraits. Take a look — they've got roses and calla lilies and tiger lilies and irises and boatloads more. Sadly (well, I would be sad!), none of the flowers remain in Alyssa and Ryan's possession. At the end of the night, all 240 flowers had been scuttled away by guests who know a damn good thing when they see it!

Bride and groom portraits in Perler beads II

Bride and groom portraits in Perler beads

Bride and groom pose with portraits

Pixelated invitation

Ring shot on Perler beads

56000 Perler beads

Perler bead centerpieces II

Perler bead centerpieces

Perler bead flowers in vases

Perler bead irises

Perler bead lilies

Perler bead reception

Perler bead roses

Perler bead tiger lilies

Perler beaded couple

Bride catches Frisbee

Bride throws Frisbee with drink in hand

Groom catches Frisbee


Dress: Encore Bridal Loft • Hair and Makeup: Crystal Springs Resort's Mineral Spa • Shoes: Toms Shoes • Venue: Crystal Springs Resort

This post was written based on information provided by the photographer. If there are any errors or omissions, please contact us.

  1. I was at this wedding, it was incredible from beginning to end. And yes, I most definitely have one of these flowers in a vase at home 🙂

    5 agree
  2. How fun! I never noticed before how Perler beads are like 8-bit graphics….this looks worth every bit of the thousands of hours I'm sure they slaved over those decorations.

    1 agrees
  3. i want to do something similar at my wedding. did the bride create the templates for the centerpieces or did she find them somewhere?

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