Our Wedding: the photoset

Andreas & Ariel's wedding pictures
Strangely, I've never put together a complete wedding photoset on Flickr. I first started using Flickr summer of 2004 as an experiment for our wedding pictures, and for a while there Flickr needed to play catch-up to be fully useful. I remember wanting to do things back in 2004 with my wedding pictures … and I just couldn't. Then, once Flickr caught up with me, I'd moved on to thousands of other photos, and ug, who wants to go back over those old wedding pictures again? But finally I did it. I put together one wedding set: Our Wedding! Chances are you've all seen our wedding pictures, but knock yourself out if you wanna.

Oh, and if you're a really good stalker and you have a favorite wedding photo that didn't make it into the set, won't you let me know?

Also, as long as I'm talking about my wedding, how's this for a little anecdote: A couple weeks ago I had breakfast with my writerfriend Michelle, and we were talking about an anthology that we're both planning to submit writings for. It's about body image stuff, Michelle had suggested reworking my Fat is a feminist issue essay for it. In talking about that essay, I admitted to Michelle that one of the reasons I decided that it was finally time for me to lose weight was my book. When I signed up for WWOnline, they have you fill out these little goal statements for why you're trying to lose weight (it felt cheezy, but I did it anyway), and mine said "I want to feel good about my author headshot."

Michelle pointed out how funny it was that I didn't lose weight for my wedding, but I lost weight for my book. I hadn't thought of it that way.

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  1. indeed, it is strange how we often care more about what strangers think about how we look than the people closest to us. obviously, we know that the people who love us love us no matter what we look like and that's part of it (comfortability and trust), but it's strange that we care so much about what people we will never even speak to think.

  2. isn't writing an article about fat is a feminist issue and belonging to weight watchers contraindicated? did you implode when you signed up? 🙂

    i have a dog eared, much marked up of FIFI that changed my life.

  3. Jen: exactly. I still haven't quite untangled the second generation post-feminist pretzel in my head. It's an ongoing implosion.

  4. Just wanted to say, your pics are stunning and the whole, fun, hooping, relaxed celebration of love is all I could dream that a wedding should be! Thanks!

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