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March 22 | offbeatbride
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Ooh, it's time to bring on a new Offbeat Empire staffer! I'm looking for an advertising smarty with 2-4 years of online ad sales experience to help us sell ads across all three sites: Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Mama, and Offbeat Home.

You'd be responsible for helping us make the love connection between our readers and amazing indie businesses in the wedding, parenting, and home decor worlds. If you've done online ad sales, are obsessive about the Offbeat world, and ready to start scheming — you need to get in touch. Full requirements below…


  • 2-4 years of online ad sales experience. This is very important. We need someone who's got experience with online ad sales. Not marketing. Not web design. Online ad sales.
  • Passion for the Offbeat Empire brand — do you get what makes Offbeat Bride different from The Knot, or why people read Offbeat Home instead of Apartment Therapy? Or why Offbeat Mamas aren't on Babycenter?
  • Awesome, upbeat personality that translates via phone and email.
  • Comfort with cold calls and hunting down leads.
  • Commitment to working with smaller, indie businesses. While we do ads from national accounts, we looove working with indie businesses that aren't getting exposed elsewhere online.
  • Self-motivated and reliable — you can work from anywhere, and the hours you want… but you gotta like consistently WORKING IT. HARD.
  • Loooove blogs. This is our medium. Be geeky with us.
  • Gmail should be feel like your second home.

About the gig:

  • This is a telecommuting position, so you need to have your own access to a phone and computer.
  • Pay is 25% commission with no base, but a bottomless leads list and a limitless inventory to sell. For someone who's motivated and has connections, this could easily be a full-time gig.
  • You'd be the only person selling ads for us, so there's no competition.
  • Since 80% of our readers are in the US, we're looking for someone domestic (…for now! We may eventually add UK and/or AUS/NZ ad positions).
  • For the right person, this position has huuuuge potential. Ultimately, I'd love to find someone who I can partner with to develop our monetization and ad strategies Empire-wide.

Oh, and just to brag a bit and give you an idea of who you'd be representing:

  • Offbeat Bride is the world's biggest non-traditional wedding blog, with more than 2 million pageviews per month and over 250,000 unique visitors.
  • When you add Offbeat Mama and Offbeat Home, the Empire's traffic includes 3 million pageviews and 350,000 unique visitors
  • Our readers are a rare breed, a market coveted and adored by creative businesses. Photographers fiend to work with Offbeat Brides, clothing companies adore dressing Offbeat Mamas, and artists are already singing the praises of placement on Offbeat Home. Yes, we're a niche market, but we own this mothalovin' niche.

How to apply

First, make sure you understand our ad zones and offerings: Offbeat Bride's ad pages give a pretty decent overview. Then, click here to apply. We want to move on this quickly, so applications close on 3/28/2011.


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