On second thought, just keep it to yourself

I love my huge diamond. I get this little rush from looking at other women's rings and knowing that mine is better. Photo: My engagement ring © by tarale, used under Creative Commons license.
So yesterday I got an email from someone who runs a website dedicated to the confessions of engaged women. I'm not going to link it because I found the site rather icky and repulsive … and evidently I wasn't the only one.

Here's the thing: I realize that there are frustrations to being a bride. But being engaged doesn't excuse the disgustingly superficial, prestige-obsessed whining that the anonymous brides on this site indulged in. Nothing does, really.

Missa deconstructed several of the superficial, tacky confessions and provided her own hilarious sass-backs. Here's my favorite:

I love my huge diamond. I get this little rush from looking at other womens rings and knowing that mine is better.
I get this little rush from reading your post and knowing that there will always be someone more pathetic than me, and it'll probably be you.

For more thoughts on this topic, check Diamond as dick size.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link & comment! I'm glad someone has enjoyed my attempt at wit ;D Meanwhile, I'm quite enjoying your book and site myself. Anti-princesses FTW!

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  2. It's interesting, though, because when I buzzed by that site earlier today, they were all really awful and superficial – but now I see some 'confessions' stating that "I don't want a diamond" and "Neither of us will have strippers at our bachelor/bachelorette parties." So, maybe some sane brides have infiltrated!! And, superficial or not, I have to click "me too" to the confession of "I want to be a skinny bride."

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  3. Tanya, call me cynical, but I'm guessing the editors of the site are watching their referral logs and started noticing the criticism … and then seeded the page with some more down-to-earth confessions.

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  4. Don't the women on that site have anything better to do than complain? We're probably all revolted because sane women are too busy having fun with their wedding/marriage to bitch about stupid crap like that.

  5. Hey Ariel,

    If the site you are referencing is the site I am thinking of, I know what you are talking about.

    But I read through the first day's submissiong of confessions when it went live and there were a few non superficial ones.

    Maybe it's schaudenfreude, but I really enjoy paging through the confessions, especially the superficial ones. Yeah, go on about how you are marrying your husband for his money, anonymous bride, I can totally see this marriage lasting!

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  6. Wow, Ariel.

    Ironically enough I was looking at that site last night and I though about how terrible people could be. Sure, it's THEIR wedding, but when their old and trying to cling onto memories, is the ring going to be THAT DAMN IMPORTANT?

    I've been checking out this site for a few weeks now, and I can honestly say that you've inspired me. Getting married is still years away for me, but now I have all these new and great ideas to make a really awesome wedding when the time comes.

    It's just come down to the point that weddings aren't even about love anymore; they're about the best and the biggest and the most perfect. It's supposed to be a celebration of the people getting married. The last wedding I went to was just that. It was very traditional, but their reception was filled with sentiments on the couple from family and friends and the groom even sang a song to the bride during the ceremony.

    It was just so very THEM.

  7. that website is aweful… but I don't have cable so it's also my afternoon soap opera. Are people really like that?

  8. Oh my. That website made me feel sick to my stomach. I've been browsing around several wedding websites, and I think I need to stop. You know how when you're sick, and you decide to randomly search your symptoms on WebMD.com, and then all of a sudden you're convinced you have cancer? For some reason, that website gave me the same feeling. Reading about other people's unhappiness or how they wish their ring was larger just made me incredibly sad.

    Thank goodness I found OffBeat Bride! This site makes me realize that planning a wedding should not be a huge stressor, and in no way should be an indicator of how much I love my soon-to-be husband. Thanks for being a much-needed breath of fresh-air in this too-often stifling wedding industry.

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  9. I'm kinda late to this party but this popped into my head today when I read a post on another wedding forum linking to an article that "80% of British women would say I Don't to the wrong ring".

    After reading some of the comments on that about how women told their fiance what to buy, would tell him if he got it wrong and just generally complained I was shocked and sickened.

    For me, an engagement ring is a nice shiny symbol of the fact that my fiance loves me and wants to marry me. I wouldn't care WHAT it looked like, it's the thought that counts.

    I just can't get over how shallow some people can be…

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