Offbeat Bride talks to the CBC about not smiling in wedding photos

Me smiling it up while recording my segment on smiling for Definitely Not the Opera.
Remember when we talked about the photography trend of not smiling in your wedding photos? That post made me reveal a secret about my wedding day, that I hadn't made public before — the fact that I fired my wedding photographer on my wedding day!

Well that story caught that eyes of Canadian CBC radio program Definitely Not the Opera (apparently it's the Canadian version of NPR's "This American Life"). They asked me to come on the show and share that story with their listeners for their segment entitled "What are you saying with your smile?"

So if you'd like to hear me re-telling my "no smiling!" wedding day story (while sounding a little bit sick, but still laughing through my pain) here are a couple ways to do so:

  • Click over here to listen to the entire show (and you will have to listen to the entire show, as I'm the very last segment). Find the "listen" button on the top right and enjoy.
  • For a chaptered version, so you can skip right to my part at the end, you can listen via iTunes here.

I hope it makes y'all smile! It was super fun for me, indeed. 🙂

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  1. This brought a smile to my face 🙂

    For some reason, iTunes didn't show chapters when I downloaded this, so FYI, Megan's part starts at about 7min before the end.

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    • YAY! SO glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for listening to me laugh awkwardly. 🙂

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  2. "Well that story caught that eyes of Canadian CBC radio program Definitely Not the Opera (apparently it's the Canadian version of NPR's "This American Life")."

    Kinda, I guess.

    For anyone wondering why it's called "Definitely Not the Opera" it's because there are two CBC radio channels: Radio 1 and Radio 2. Radio 1 is talk radio, while Radio 2 is music. On Saturday afternoons Radio 2 plays the "Saturday Afternoon at the Opera", so Radio 1 plays "Definitely not the Opera".

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    • Hey, I'm just going by what the producer guy told me! Which was:

      "We're a weekly storytelling/culture show, aired nationally in Canada and abroad via a weekly podcast. Every week, we look at a different theme through personal stories and interviews (if you know the NPR show "This American Life," I'd say we're similar to that, except, you know… Canadian)."

      We also go into a whole chat about the name, because I told him that I got scolded by our lovely Canadian copyeditor when I called it "SO Not the Opera." WRONG!

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    • hahaha yes, an american reference to categorize a non-american show. not your fault, megan, but expect canadians to be miffed at the description of original canadian content on our national radio as the "canadian version" of american programming… 😉

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      • I would hope that instead of getting miffed, Canadians would understand that we're an American blog (albeit one with two Canadian staff members!), and that 75% of our readers are in the US. Please don't get miffed at us for providing cultural references for the majority of our readers — especially when the cultural reference in question was provided by the Canadian producer of the show. This is how he describes the show to Americans. We didn't make it up.

        I don't mean to be crabby about this, but seriously you guys: Save your miffedness for a more worthy cause.

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        • *hands up as a Canadian staff member* Yeah, it's a fact of life that we all end up explaining our Canadian stuff in American terms. Just like I've had to explain American stuff in Canadian terms. No point in being too upset about it. We do have ketchup chips, after all. 😉

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  3. Oh man, I wish I had been listening to the radio to hear it! I would have been so excited! I will listen to it now.

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  4. I quickly looked at the flickr album and the smiling photo on the beach looks a billion times better than you two glaring at each other! good decision to fire your photographer.

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    • RIGHT!? The juxtaposition of the smiling photo with the "Megan bitch face" is just like — WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING WITH THIS!?

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