Watch my San Francisco book reading

A film crew recorded my reading at Booksmith in April, so now you can watch and pretend I came to your town on my non-existent book tour. The second half of the video gets a bit awkward, because during the Q&A session you, uh, can't hear the Qs. And I failed to repeat them before rambling my answers. So, use your imagination as you watch me nodding into the silence and saying, "Right," while sipping water.

You'll be rewarded for your patience with some good dirt! Stuff like how many comments do we delete from Offbeat Bride each week? What wedding stuff is too weird even for me? Why do I think readers share their weddings with me? BONUS: Meg Keene makes a couple appearances!

And thanks again to each of you who were there in person! It was wonderful to share an evening with you.

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  1. Ariel you are AWESOME! I love how honest you are and the sock puppet was brilliant 🙂 Sad there is no book tour right now because a lot of us in LA would LOVE it!

  2. Actually, you can hear people's questions if you really crank up the volume…but then Ariel is really really loud, of course. But it's better than not hearing them, I suppose.

  3. so nice to watch – and we can both pretend you travelled all the way to England to give me my very own book reading!

  4. Ariel you are adorable and I totally enjoy your sight as well as Offbeat Mama. I have your book on hold at my library and can't wait till it available for pick up. Thank you for being YOU!

  5. As everyone said, you are absolutely adorable! I read your book in 2 days. I even read some to my fiance while we were on a road trip to a wedding, he enjoyed it and giggled a lot!

  6. You mentioned a type of exercise you were now doing – nea or something to that effect – could you post a link or give a bit more information – it seemed interesting and my Internet searches led me to some very strange non-exercise related sites. Cheers.

  7. After seeing the video and rereading my copy of edition one, I have more of a request, (which I know is far far fetched) could you ask the publisher to add any index? I am trying to find the story of your lower location manager setting up your reception sight. LOL 😀

    Also did you ever add some information about being more offbeat then your groom?

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