The Offbeat Bride Tribe is different from other wedding communities in that we emphasize positive, constructive communication. Our goal is to de-stressify the wedding planning process and remind our members that they're awesome!

flag buttonTo preserve the safe-haven feel of the group, all members are responsible for knowing and following the rules below. The network is community managed, so if you ever see something on the Tribe that doesn't fit with these rules, click the orange "Flag" button to report the post for review.

We totally respect that these rules may strike some members as too controlling. There are lots of online wedding communities, and we fully support each member finding the one that fits their needs.

Our values

  • Be constructive & proactive: The Offbeat Bride Tribe places a strong emphasis on constructive, positive communication — in general, we're more interested in sharing lessons learned from challenges than we are in commiseration.
  • Be respectful & tolerant: The Tribe is for support and encouragement. Be tolerant and respectful of others, especially when their opinions differ. This value also extends outside the community: mocking other brides, other weddings, other wedding planning communities, etc, is not ok.
  • Stay focused: We believe a laser focus on wedding planning keeps our community useful and easy to navigate. If you're looking for a supportive online community for non-wedding related stuff, head over to our sister site, Offbeat Home & Life (home, family, relationships, career, etc).

More about our values and mission here.

What's *NOT* OK here?

We have very clear boundaries about what content is a good fit for this community. Breaching any of these rules is grounds for having your membership revoked without warning.

Absolutely no selling or marketing

If you use the Tribe to try to sell anything or market your business (or the business of a friend or family member), your membership may be revoked. This includes promoting for-profit or not-for-profit blogs (i.e., blogs with donation links, advertisements, shops, etc). The one exception to this rule is bride-to-bride selling of used wedding items via our classified forum.

If you're a member who's also a business owner or some sort of wedding vendor, please do not ever mention or link to your work on the Tribe. That said, Tribe members get a deep discount on advertising! Contact our gal Tiffany ( for more info.

No soliciting votes or donations

We remove all content related to online contests. Do not post material soliciting people to go vote for you to win anything, anywhere, ever. This rule also includes soliciting donations — even when they're for very worthy causes, the Tribe just isn't the place for it. We also remove any offers of payment (e.g. "I'll pay someone to help me with these invitations."). Asking for help is fine; offering to pay someone isn't allowed because that's technically vending on the payee's part.

No talk about weight changes or negative body image

This is a touchy subject, and without a doubt our most controversial rule: The Tribe is not the place to talk about weight fluctuations, or negative body image. Too many wedding communities are overtaken by unhealthy, triggering discussions (including eating disorder discussions), and our aim on the Tribe is to promote positive attitudes of self-acceptance.

We are about celebrating all body shapes, sizes, and abilities, and encourage our members to find ways not to snark or talk negatively about their own bodies. We discourage insulting anyone's body — and this includes your own! This isn't to say body talk isn't allowed — just keep it constructive.

No medical or legal advice

For liability reasons we cannot allow members to give legal advice or perform medical diagnoses or give medication/treatment suggestions. We do allow sharing legal information that is publicly accessible online. Any posts that are seen to be dispensing medical or legal advice are NOT done so with the permission of Offbeat Bride, and will be closed and/or removed.

No vendor bashing

The Tribe is not a review platform. With our small, private community, the most useful thing members can do is recommend vendors other members should use. We understand bad experiences with vendors happen, but we ask that members refrain from posting negative reviews on the Tribe — there are websites dedicated to vendor reviews which will reach a wider audience (Wedding Wire and Yelp are both good). Posting on review sites is much more useful for the wider online community of brides and event planners, and more useful for the business.

The shitty disclaimer

The Tribe is a private community, and we reserve the right to remove any member or content at any time for any reason without warning. All members are considered guests, and membership can be revoked if you chose to disrespect our guidelines.