Stevie & Jeb's local vendor-lovin, North Carolina wedding

The offbeat bride: Stevie- ESL teacher (and OBT member)

Her offbeat partner: Jeb- Banker

Location & date of wedding: Beautiful Deerfields in Horse Shoe, NC — November 7, 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: Our wedding was offbeat for a few reasons. We insisted that we get married outdoors in the fall, knowing we would be battling the elements that come along with fall North Carolina mountain weather. We also insisted that our friend, who is not a U.S. citizen, be our officiant. And our wedding party consisted of friends from three different countries, conservatives, extreme liberal hippies, homosexuals, heterosexuals, models, students… all around AMAZINGLY different people.

Alverson - Stewart Wedding 114We wrote our own ceremony and vows and had all local vendors. My dress was made by a local tailor, our food was from an amazing local burrito shop, the beer was from the local brewery who sponsors Jeb's soccer team, the band was the BEST local band around, and our cupcakes were from a local baker. We had a long engagement so we had lots of time to decide what we wanted, and it came out so perfect I still to this day am waiting for something bad to happen.

Our biggest challenge: Believe it or not, finding our vendors was pretty tricky. I was really surprised at the amount of vendors who apparently didn't care if they gained our business or not. We went through a string of possibilities that fell through, but thank goodness the ones we ended up with fell into place. They were amazing!

Also, this year was really rough. The death of a good friend, many friends and family lost jobs, family illness, and went through countless career and money stresses. I am so happy, however, that things worked out the way they did, and this event sealed off the year. I honestly feel like the planets and stars aligned for all of us so we could be together and celebrate such an important occasion!

My favorite moment: Holy Moly! There were so many! A few that stick out:

  • Driving back from getting my hair and makeup done and crouching in the seat, but being able to see SO many dear friends and family and my handsome husband already there waiting!
  • Weeping when my mom and dad saw me for the first time, and then me weeping at the sight of my gorgeous flowers.
  • Being pretty nervous about exposing my heart in front of so many people, but as soon as Jeb took my hands, I was as cool as a cucumber.
  • Getting so completely intoxicated (but in a good way!) and dancing with my friends so hard that my legs were KILLING me the next morning.
  • My new husband trying to help me pull the 100 or so bobby pins out of my hair at the end of the night, help me get my dress and my spanx off (how romantic!) and then me completely passing out! We had a cabin on the property that we were going to have our first "married night" in together, but all of our friends that were supposed to be camping outside ended up sleeping in there with us because of the cold. It was unexpected, but totally perfect!
  • The next morning, my amazing friends cleaned up the whole pavilion so that we wouldn't have to… and then I found my bra tied to some Christmas lights.

Alverson - Stewart Wedding 035My offbeat advice: Be optimistic! That was the best advice I received from one of my best friends, who helped me plan the whole wedding almost stress free. I repeated things such as "It WILL not rain/sleet/snow/freeze," and, "our more traditional guests will NOT walk out in the middle of our ceremony due to shock." And guess what? It didn't rain/sleet/snow/freeze, and NO ONE walked out! In fact, we heard all kinds of wonderful things about how "us" the wedding was, and how authentic and beautiful the whole weekend turned out to be. I just decided not to stress about it, and everything fell into place. It also helped that I was doing a LOT of yoga during the last nine months!

Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?:Our vendors were amazing in every single way!

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn:

  1. Your Flowers are Gorgeous Your dress is gorgeous
    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous wedding Congrats

    1 agrees
  2. Eee! Gorgeous wedding! Wonderful post. AND you go by Stevie (I thought I was the only one!). Very awesome. Congrats.

    1 agrees
  3. I LOVED your wedding!! I am planning a fall 2011 wedding in a park pavilion (park shelter whatever you call it) and I was at a complete loss for how to decorate and I was worrying about what colors would actually pop in an outdoor setting. The colors that you used were beautiful. Your flowers were stunning! And I am stealing the idea of using white twinkle lights in the pavilion. You looked beautiful!! Congrats! Thanks for sharing your wedding pics you have given me a ton of inspiration.

    1 agrees
  4. This amazing event all came together so smoothy and perfectly because it was a reflection of these two people and their relationship… they didn't get caught up in all of the frenzy because they were sure of themselves and each other, and their wonderfully supportive friends and family. I have never been to a more relaxed wedding and it was so nice that nothing really mattered except what Stevie and Jeb wanted to share with each other and those around them. I am thankful to have been a part of this beautiful wedding!

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  5. Okay, I can't believe I just found this website today. (I'm not getting married but I love wedding porn as much as the best of em!) Ariel, consider yourself added to my RSS feed.

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  6. I absolutely loved Stevie's flowers, which were done by Melissa @ Flora in Asheville (check her out om facebook). They were absolutely perfect!!

    1 agrees

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