NEW FEATURE: Offbeat Vendors (+ we need your help!)

For YEARS, both brides and vendors have been asking me to start a regional directory to help them find each other. (Seriously: I've been answering questions about why I don't have a vendor guide since 2007.) Well, some of you may have noticed that last week we added a new tab to the site: Offbeat Vendors! It's finally aliiiiive.

Unlike my earlier failed experiment with Offbeat Local (which only featured our top 12 markets) Offbeat Vendors serves all 50 US states (plus DC coming soon!), all the Canadian provinces, UK and Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Our directory includes tons of online vendors too, so even if you're in a tiny conservative podunk down, we can still help you find offbeat vendors who can ship their magic straight to your door.

Now, if you go clicking over, you'll see that since the directory is brand spanking new, we're still working on filling it up with awesome vendors who LOVE offbeat brides. And that's where you come in … we need your help!

Have you found a vendor you think other Offbeat Brides would adore? Want to help your favorite vendors get listed and get found? It'd be awesome if you could your favorite vendors to submit their business to the guide. 🙂 We're even doing special discounts for vendors who are referred by Offbeat Bride Tribe members!

If you want to let your favorite vendors know about the discount, you can copy 'n' paste this email:

There's a spot to put your OBT username (so they can get the discount) but other than that it's a simple copy 'n' paste … tada! (Alternately, of course you can write your own loving emails to your favorite vendors about the deal…I'm just all for making things easy. 🙂 )

Are you a vendor?
Click here to submit your biz!

And while we wait to hopefully hear back from your most favority-ist vendors? Go check out the dozens of awesome businesses that are already listed in at Offbeat Vendors!

Oh, and we'd love to hear your feedback about the new feature, too.

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  1. Done! I sent emails to all of my fantastic people and hope that other offbeat brides on here will have the same amazing experiences I've had with vendors (I have a lady who made my bouquet out of Dungeons & Dragons pages, a fella who made my mister's cufflinks from D20s, the people who created my pink birdcage veil, etc. not to mention the coolest photographer and awesomest videographer EVAR). Although I read the blog daily and comment often, I'm not a Tribe member so I couldn't offer the discount, but I hope they'll still show up in the directory!

  2. Since our venue was impossible to find without being told about it, I submitted our outdoor venue. Can't wait to see this become more populated! I want other brides to be able to find the place we're having our wedding at with ease.

  3. Very cool! I hope you don't get spammed with obnoxious vendors b/c of this tho :-X . Thanks for adding the feature.

    • Agree with this. I'm sure you already do, but I've barely started to think about planning and it's already hard to weed through regular, basic/boring vendors trying to find something out of the ordinary! 🙂

  4. Are there any kinds of rules on who can and can't be added?

    Does there have to be something unusual about the vendor themselves, or can it be anyone who's open to and has helped couples create offbeat weddings, even if most of what they do is more traditional?

  5. I've emailed my photographer. We chose her because her sample book included a wedding at a beautiful old movie theatre with all the guests in the old blue-and-red 3D glasses, eating popcorn. Awesomesauce.

  6. I emailed this to a caterer I love. There's nothing necessarily "offbeat" about their food per se, but their prices are great and they were so jazzed to help me out with the Roller Derby wedding that they jumped through all kinds of hoops to make it work for the bride and her budget, so I think they'd be a great match here. Hopefully you'll hear from them soon!

  7. sweet! Just emailed all the vendors who were awesome (we did end up paying 1400 or so for the worst dj ever who screwed EVERYTHING up. and did not care. do NOT go with destiny djs in washington state peeps! anyway i so wish this would have been available when I was planning it is awesome!!! good job guys.

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